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Brain and Nerves

Our brain is the master of your nervous system and controls most functions happening in the body. Some would argue that the actual 1st brain is in the gut and the brain in your skull is the second brain. Either way both of these brains are important to nerve function, sending signals, and controlling homeostasis.

When we are having nerve pain it is telling us that our body is overwhelmed with some form of toxins or that we have sustained an injury to the body physically. It is important for us to address our pain both from physical injury and toxicity-wise.

Our brain is made up of Lecithin and fat, Weighing about 3 pounds in the average adult, the brain is about 60% fat. The remaining 40% is a combination of water, protein, carbohydrates, and salts. Brain Anatomy and How the Brain Works | Johns Hopkins Medicine. Our nerves are protected in a layer of fat called the Myelin sheath. If we are functioning on a diet low in fat this will have a great impact on the health of both the brain and the nerves, and how they can relay signals.

Nerve pain is crippling, we oftentimes will quit moving, or worse we start walking or holding our body differently to minimize the pain. When this happens it is a cascade of events in the body to muscle and bones in the body. If you have ever read Pain-Free by Pete Egoscue he discusses how a small injury/pain can cause a change event weakening the body to a much large issue.

As we age toxicity and pain seem to be more common issues. There can be many contributing factors heavy weight put on the liver, a nonfat diet, excess sugar, and chemicals around us and in our diet. Toxicity builds due to the liver being overwhelmed with sugar/ This inhibits the absorption of fats, which are already lacking in the diet.

We have to be able to nourish the fat for the brain and for nerves. Your body can not create omega 3 fats needed to feed the brain and protects the nerves and support anti-inflammatory. We also use our fat to protect the rest of the body from toxicity. The body, in an effort to protect vital organs, stores heavy metals and other toxins in the fat cells. This can be a reason the body holds body fat. This can impact your pancreas, insulin, and mitochondria. This greatly impacts your metabolic health, energy, and overall health. Having too much toxicity stored in the tissue/fat can cause someone to have seizures, this can be the body's attempt to clear toxins.

The goal then should be riding toxicity. Many people do even know the number of toxins they unknowingly put in their bodies daily. We put toxins into the body in our diets (chemicals on foods or containers holding the food), chemicals we use to clean, processing of the food, and spray to keep bugs off. We apply chemicals in our shampoo, body soaps, perfumes.

Eating organic and limiting exposure to toxins is the best way to keep toxicity out. It can be a long process to remove these toxins once they are in the body. The easiest way to deal with toxins is to put effort into limiting them in food, home, and applying them to the body. You can support detoxifying the body through nourishment and purification processes. If you need help detoxifying your body or even to understand the chemicals you may be exposed to set up a scan. I am happy to help create a protocol for you. As my husband always likes to say AWARENESS it is important to be aware and be proactive.

The best way to have good health is to be proactive rather than reactive in health. Don't wait for disease!


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