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The Story

About our why

Through health trials of my own and family, it has created a desire to educate, not only me but others as well,  in how the body functions and what we can do to nourish it.   I have completed my bachelor's degree in nutrition science and have worked in the nutrition field for some time now.  I have worked with people on fitness and holistic approaches during this time.  I have realized people need someone who has studied nutrition and looked at different approaches to health and is still willing to look at all approaches with each situation.  People need someone that is working for them and helping them understand the foundations of how to support each unique situation. 

I have helped people who have searched for a solution to health issues, people not wanting to just get rid of their symptoms, but help nutritionally support their bodies.  With my knowledge of nutrition along and my tools.   I assess the situation and the body's needs. Creating a health plan to nourish the body as a whole with supplements, whole food, and alternative therpaies. 


To be a guide in Nutrition, fitness, body function, and foundational health.  Educate the average person on the foundational ways to nourish the body.   Taking the approach to feed the body not just mask symptoms.  Educating people today in hope that it will be passed down to the younger generations. 


To empower every person to manage their health with confidence and knowledge.  Finding simple ways to maintain health within a time of great toxicity and nutrient deficiency.

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