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Nutrition and habits that support the body every day or during high amounts of stress.

So we know that stress is different for everyone and most of us fight it daily. Our perception of our stressors and their harm to us can vary in how it impacts our stress response. Figuring out what stressors weigh on us is an important part of learning what support we need. Stress comes in many forms and some of us have them all some of us only deal-specific ones. Some stress can have benefits, but an abundance of it can create damage.

Physical stress can be from working out, working a physical job, having kids, caretaking for a family member, and overall movement stresses the body. Emotional stress trauma, hormones, work, relationships, and so much more stress the mind, hormones, and nervous system. Then we have the stress of body function as in immune so sickness and disease. This can be physical, nervous system, mental, and immune.

Our diets can either be healing or damaging. This is a great place to start if we are eating foods that give us the amino acids (from meats and some plant foods), carbohydrates for energy, and fats to support joints, the brain, and hormones. Foods help to rebuild the body when it comes to physical stress and calms us when in emotional stress. Of course, this is all dependent on proper digestion function to make sure we absorb these nutrients. This should always be your first assessment when it comes to health. Am I able to digest the foods I need to support me? and Am I getting bioavailable foods that are nontoxic?

When it comes to emotional health we want to look at what fats am I getting? Where am I getting my minerals from and are they bioavailable? Many will eat an abundance of Omega 6 seed oils that are trans fats (due to high heat processing) which can cause inflammation and then people are not getting quality Omega 3's or eating fish. Adding in Wild-caught fish or supplementing with quality fish oil is important. If you are and you finding digestive distress look to the liver and stomach for digestion.

Are you getting minerals in? If you are taking minerals from a supplement I recommend they come from plants. Many take minerals from rocks which I know of no one who picks up rocks and hopes to get nutrition from them. Minerals from plants are the best way to get them in a bioavailable way, eating dark leafy greens is a great way to get minerals. You can also get minerals from meats. If you are having emotional distress look at the amount of caffeine or other stimulants you are taking and carbohydrates/sugar. These push your fight or flight mode in most cases reducing these will help.

Those who are dealing with toxic stress or sickness/disease. Your first focus needs to be on quality foods. Organic, free-range, chemical-free foods. Support the body's detoxifying organs. The liver, kidney, spleen, colon, lungs, and skin make sure they have nutrients to properly function. Make sure you are getting quality sleep and digestion is working. Types of diets for sickness vary depending on what you are dealing with. Quality of food however should always be a top priority.

Putting in movement exercises such as walking and yoga, movement helps calm the mind and balance blood sugar. Breathing techniques can be of great benefit no matter the stress as they can bring you back to a parasympathetic state (calm state). Creating a ritual for sleep every night can help improve the quality of sleep. Sleeping helps with blood sugar, brain function, and detoxifying the body. Mediation or some form of working on perceptions and brain is always beneficial your brain is a very powerful tool that we often overlook.

Putting in the effort to one practice until you feel you have mastered it and then move to the next will help you to constantly progress in your health and stress management. Loving your body and caring for your health mentally, physically, and emotionally is the best practice for you. If you are already doing some of these things, Awesome! Keep doing them and continue to further your journey. Nutrition, what we feed into our bodies has a high impact on our response to stress and all thing in life.

If you need guidance specific to you set up an appointment, I would love to help you put a protocol together.


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