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How to be healthy in a toxic world

If you have ever dug into the factors impacting your health it seems like there is a never-ending list of toxins. In our food, water, and air not to mention what we use on our bodies. So how is someone supposed to be healthy when you are surrounded by toxicity?

To this, I say we have to be conscious of what we are putting in and on our body, but we can also make sure we are taking things to help boost the body's ability to resist these toxic factors helping to assist the flushing of them.

Toxicity on our skin we can support that barrier we can do Epsom baths even with apple cider vinegar. Doing heat sessions to sweat out toxicity, making sure to add back in quality minerals like Orchex, Organically bound minerals, or Min-Tran.

You can also make sure your Iodine is balanced, iodine helps to keep our cells clean and tissue. For more information on that, you can read "What is Iodine and why do I need it?". Minerals like Humic minerals help to detox the cells. There are bitters and herbs that help us to trigger the body to clean up things like garlic, broccoli sprouts to name a few these help the bacteria and the NRf2 which is a cleaning up system in the body.

Before doing too many herbs to trigger clean up make sure your organs are being fed well and functioning, whipping a tired horse (your detox organs) to clean up can make matters worse. People who have to worry about this are people with Autoimmune issues or severe diseases. Working with me or another practitioner can help you to know how to move through this if you have severe issues. Fermented foods are a great way to support the body to balance both acidity and alkalinity properly. If you have strong antihistamine issues introduce slowly to start with a drop or two, a couple of times a day.

Eat organic foods and pay attention to the quality of foods. How food is prepared with fresh organic, free-range ingredients. Even taking the time to mostly eat at home where you can control the quality of food, if not invest in good quality restaurants. Then there are the factors of the chemicals we use in our homes spraying weeding with glyphosate (round up), using heavy perfumes and detergents. Working toward natural chemicals or fewer chemicals can help reduce the toxic load for you and those around you. Look at natural chemicals that don't have a negative impact using the app is a great way to find those.

The goal is to find the ways you can boost the body to cleanse and also introduce good quality foods to help with that. It is about progress, not perfection. Each person the mixture of what is best to boost the body can be different. In this blog I have given you some recommendations with some effort on your part you will have this down and moving in a positive direction in no time. If you need assistance from me feel free to set up a scan where we can review the aspects that apply to you.


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