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Foods that nutritionally support clean blood.

When talking about things to clean the bloodstream, we are discussing those foods that support cleaning (through chelating or building) and those that support the organs that clean the blood.

Why would we need to clear the blood? When Bacteria and viruses come into the body and can hide in cells they put out toxins in the blood. We can also have excess hormones, incomplete proteins, and excess calcium. Ultimately, the excess of anything stuck in the bloodstream can be clogging up the bloodstream and impacts the function of the body. Sometimes it is things getting in due to lack of proper digestion or balance of the body (bacteria and parasites), or sometimes it is foods overindulged in giving us too much of a vitamin or mineral or lack of them. Some it is a lack of metabolizing and sometimes it is a lack of the organs filtering and flushing.

Let's discuss organs that impact filtering the blood. First, before the organs that filter is the gut, this can often help keep things from entering the blood. The gut wall is a barrier, things that boost this gut wall are fermented foods, bone broth, and foods that are high in glutamine (raw dairy, bone broth, legumes).

On to the ones who filter blood. The spleen is the manager of blood, it impacts the filtering of red blood cells in the bloodstream. Nourishing is a way to support the spleen so eating the organ of the spleen would be one way. Most do not prefer this that is why many supplements do that. You can also do things to boost white blood cells as they are part of the spleen function so vitamin C (whole food not ascorbic acid), Echinacea. Things to promote good bacteria such as fermented foods. Food with SOD (superoxide dismutase) in the Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and wheat grass.

The next major organ for filtering is the liver. This is another great organ that supports clearing what needs to be removed from the blood. The liver plays a big role in the body overall. Some find it easier to remove foods to support the liver such as excess sugar, transfat/ deep fried foods, and alcohol. Eating actual liver is a great way to support nutrients for many things including the liver. You can also add greens that are processed and cooked correctly to support the liver, milk thistle, bitters, and beets.

The thymus is what supports white blood cells and what they are clearing. Support for the thymus is whole food vitamin C, Lymph nodes movement and fresh flaxseed, Tonsils, adenoids garlic, echinacea, cayenne, and calcium. Add fresh garlic to your dishes or do a throat coat with garlic, cayenne, and local honey. Echinacea tea to drink. CAyenne into your food dishes also.

Things that fight bacteria in the blood would be calcium, which vitamin D is necessary to bring calcium in. Healthy bacteria which fermented foods are a great source of good bacteria. Supporting your thymus, lymph nodes, tonsils, adenoids, spleen and appendix helps support the white blood cells to remove things from the body.

Supporting good bone marrow which comes from having a healthy gut and also a healthy liver. Fermented foods and bone broth can help nutritionally support this. Foods to help you build blood, which you first have to have a good gut to really be able to do this. Greens have chlorophyll to it, foods with minerals meats, and again greens. Foods that are fermented and have the SOD to them.

Eating organ meats helps to support nourishment for the glands needed, as the glands hold the nutrition needed for them. This is why I believe the standard process brand has such a good success rate in supporting patients to be healthy. They have glandular, organs, plus organic plants to nutritionally support your organs. You have Immuplex which supports all detoxifying organs, you have Liver in many of the supplements but my favorite is the B vitamins. You have spleen desiccated for SOD and spleen PMG for the organ, the thymus is in the Cataplex C, and Ferrofood is also good spleen support.

We have herbs also that can help support cleansing things such as burdock, and nettle, and even using chlorophyll to support the cleaning of the blood.

If you need support with what you can do to nutritionally support blood clearing and cleaning set up an appointment. You can also do a symptoms survey and I can review and recommend supplements for you.


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