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Can nutrition impact autoimmune?

When it comes to autoimmune having proper nutrition and digestion is very important. To make sure vitamins and minerals are nourishing organs, we have to have good digestion. It is necessary to have amino acids for the rebuilding of tissue/organs. When we lack nutrients organs can not function properly or they will start robbing other organs of nutrients.

Digestion means having a properly acidic stomach, small intestines with healthy walls (no gas/bloating/indigestion), non-congested liver and gallbladder (don't burp after eating fat), and pancreas with the proper function (no diabetes or insulin issues). If these organs are not all properly functioning you will have a deficiency of nutrients in the body which means you will eventually have organs that are deficient and breaking down. Most of us don't realize it is a deficiency until we are diagnosed with the disease.

In our younger years if we put importance on proper digestion we can help avoid many disease factors. Just like doing proper maintenance on your vehicle helps it do keep running without major break down. We live in a time where we are told organic is not important and meat is not needed. Yet supporting a diet with organic foods reduces toxicity that may rob nutrients or inhibit you from absorbing nutrients. Protein from quality sources is very important for all organs in the body. You can't keep healthy organs without having proper protein.

Excess of certain herbs can push organs to flush toxins and to cleanse, but constant cleansing does not mean organs will always function properly if they are not fed proper and complete amino acids it can impact their ability to rebuild. Incomplete proteins have to wait in the blood till it has the rest of the proper amino acids to complete themselves and be used for rebuilding/nourishing. Meats that are chard will also crate incomplete amino acids, a good chunk of the essential amino acids (the ones you have to eat to get) are heat sensitive so overcooking destroys them.

Getting good nutrition is how we provide the body to do the functions needed. When an organ breaks down can often be linked to a lack of vitamins, minerals, or proteins. I would even venture to say many times it is a lack of digesting these things more than a lack of having nutrients in the diet. For some of you, it may be both.

If you have an issue of deficiency and need help figuring it out. Please set up an appointment with a survey or a scan. I can help teach you and give you a protocol of how to nutritionally support your body.


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