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Nutrition and Arthritis

Keeping in my that arthritis is stemming from toxicity, pH, balance, and digestion imbalance. The first and most important aspect will be limiting toxins in the form of food, and anything injected into the body.

Eating organic, properly prepared foods helps to stimulate a clean-up in the body through an NRF2 action. This can support liver and kidney cleanse. We want to make sure detoxifying organs are fed and stimulated to flow. Fed usually comes to vitamins and proteins.

Organic foods need to be soaked, rinsed, fermented, and cooked properly can help limit the ingested toxins from the plants and what can be on the plants. Trying to eat out the least amount you can, due to having no control over the quality of foods, and if you are eating out get foods that are the highest quality. Limit foods that have been deep-fried and plant foods that are non-organic. Which will mean spending time and effort to understand your favorite restaurants and how they pick and prepare their foods if you are eating out often. I try to limit my eating out to once a week some weeks I don't eat out at all.

When making foods at home, use organic foods, soak plant-based foods in Apple cider vinegar and rinse them. Buying organic free-range quality meats and dairy. When cooking don't overcook or burn your food. Understanding how we prepare our food and the quality of the food itself can either inflame the body or work as an anti-inflammatory. Certain foods can cause inflammation and imbalance of organs. Sugars, sugary meats, bad quality foods, and old foods that are begun to oxidize all can cause inflammation and impact joints. The chronic inflammation by ingesting this food causes issues.

Sugar can congest the liver and alkalize the environment. This can cause pH issues and can cause issues within the bowels. Oxidized oils and trans fats can congest the liver and cause inflammation. Omega 3's are beneficial to support anti-inflammatory, yet if not processed right or sit in on a shelf can begin to oxidize. Protein can cause inflammation either from rebuilding or rancidity, as long it is not rancidity it is beneficial. Not all inflammation is bad but chronic inflammation is.

Digestion, not properly functioning can impact arthritis. If we are not digesting calcium or breaking down fats, which help as anti-inflammatory plus pulling in vitamin D to pull in calcium, this can impact arthritis. Not to mention liver functions impact fat digestion but it also impacts bowels which impact the removal of toxins. Organic fermented greens can do a lot for supporting the clearing of the liver, NRF2 action, and calcium for bones. If you are not wanting to eat/ drink greens then you can also do a capsule of Sp Green food or Cruciferous Complete. These types of foods and digestion are all important with arthritis.

If you are needing help with specific protocols for you. Please set up an appointment or do a health survey. I can also help work overtime with you when you join a membership plan. If you want to buy any of the supplements you can order from my link below as well.

In review, proper digestion of whole foods such as fermented greens, bitters (foods with a bitter taste), Calcium (plants and meats), and anti-inflammatory foods are all important for arthritis.

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