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Lung and Skin health

When it comes to lung health you are also need to be addressing nasal passage, skin, gut, and barrier health. Your mucosa lining in each of these areas are connected. They are your defense and protector of the body. Your body has barriers on each of these systems to help block outside toxins from entering the body. If lung health is compromised you usually will have a compromise in your gut and skin as well. There is a mucosa barrier in each of these areas contain bacteria and a thick layer of mucosa lining.

Lets address barriers in the body and what aspects need to be there for it to be healthy. Most of the have a mucosal barrier is like a thick layer of turf. These bacteria support against pathogens of bacteria and chemicals coming from out of the body. This is about the things we are breathing in, putting on our skin, and eating you are either supporting it or damaging these barriers by your environment, the products you use and eat.

With the lungs, we have pollution in the air, recently in Utah we have had a lot of smoke that has been in the air due to fires this can overwhelm that system and damage the lung barrier. Air pollution is hard due to lack of controlling it we can however control are time in it and filtering in our homes. The nasal passage is even impacting that filtration controlling what is getting into the lungs or not. Many of us have a hard time breathing through out nose, the nose has a filter to help remove toxins from entering the lungs. It is important during sleep and most times that we are breathing through out nose.

Our skin we daily are applying soaps (some times we are bathing to much),and then adding lotions and perfumes, laundry detergent from out clothes, even the material the clothes are made of can impact the skin. These weaken the barrier of the skin and suffocate the body with oxygen as we do 60-70% of out breathing through out skin.

Gut we are eating foods that are non organic that have chemicals like glyphosate and herbicides that damage the walls, we also have heavily processed foods that will feed "bad" bacteria which can also do damage the the gut wall barrier. Each of these barriers are apart of the immune system and can impact each other.

These barriers all need to have a pH that is more acidic on the lining that is how we help support the health of the mucosa lining and the bacteria balance in the lining. We have been taught for a time now that alkalinity is a must to avoid disease and cancer. When in reality we are a combination of alkalinity and acidity in different places. Many of the barriers need acidity as pathogens and bad bacteria can not house in acidic environment. Using organic substance on our body or taking them in the body supports these barriers.

Skin health Support

Lung Health

  • To support lungs doing supplements like mullein, golden seal, and using and expectorant.

  • Whole food Vitamin C is important for lung collagen.

  • Doing breathing exercises is also helpful, to exercise lungs. There are breathing apps that can help you with breathing techniques to support lungs.

Gut Health

  • Gut support doing fermented foods, reducing sugars and processed foods, chemicals in foods pay attention and remove the additives.

  • Supplements like Zypan, Zymex, Multizyme, Diaplex, and Enzycore all help support healthy digestion. If you need to clear bacteria start with fermented foods.

  • If your needing more support then that to clear set up and appointment and I can help guide you.


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