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Digestion! Why is it the starting point for all your health/fitness goals?

Have big plans for this new year? Health? Weight? Create the perfect body? None of this can happen without good digestion. Weight normally has nothing to do with an overabundance of food as much as it is quality of food, toxicity, and hormone imbalance. Health has to do with toxicity and deficiency. Muscle growth is about protein and fats, with other minerals and water muscle needs moisture to grow. If you are not eating a quality diet or lacking good digestion you are missing the tools to achieve these goals.

We live in a time of overly processed foods with high amounts of preservatives, chemicals, and sugars. Even non-organic whole foods are laced with chemicals. These things all damage the gut and organs that are involved in the digestive process. This is the first step of health, so it is important that you know what is going on with your digestion.

We all accept that burping, gas, indigestion, and acid reflux are just a part of life. But these do not have to be part of life and are all a sign of damaged digestion. Many after dealing with this will go to doctors who normally have little to no understanding of nutrition. Then more than likely they give you a medication that will stop your symptom but will also shut digestion down even more but again it gets rid of the symptom, so we are happy. Cause our doctors would never give us something that would damage us......... If the medications don't work, then they often cut out parts of us. Parts that are so needed, but again solves one symptom for a time, but create many others that we don't realize are caused due to the removal of that organ. It is mind-boggling to me the things people do to their bodies recommended by a doctor who should know better. YOUR BODY IS SMART IT WANTS TO HEAL ITSELF YOU JUST HAVE TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO NOURISH IT!!!!

One of the most common things to cut out the gallbladder that stops us from digesting fats well and causing further health issues such as cardiovascular, and hormonal to name a few. Yes, sometimes it may be necessary to cut things out in some situations but any more it is happening more than it is needed. These days we don't even attempt to support the organs we just cut them out with no worry of what issues it may cause. It breaks my heart when I have patients that have moved from one issue to the next and now, they have to supplement to just be able to support the body just to be able to digest nutrients.

Age can impact us also, depending on lifestyle, but at the age of 25 our enzymes and our acidity lessen. This is going to impact how well we digest our foods. This would be one of many reasons it is easy to become deficient even for people who are eating a good organic whole food diet. Many who have heartburn is due to lack of acidity, yet we do antacids to block the acid. Which just stops you from having essential nutrients.

Lastly STRESSSSSS we have so many people who are constantly stressed and struggle to calm the body. Stress shuts down digestion as well. You can nourish your body to relax but it can also stop you from getting nourishment. One of the simplest ways to see if it is stress is to start doing parasympathetic breathing. Breath in for 6 seconds and out for 6 seconds, do this for 3-5 mins before eating, or do it if you start to eat and notice you are getting heart burn. You will notice a change after you calm the body. If it is emotions impacting digestion this will help get it moving again.

If you are wanting help with understanding your digestion. Take a symptom survey or schedule for a Zyto Scan of your choosing. There is a lot of great information all specific to your body. Just go to the main page and click which scan you prefer or click the link to the survey.


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