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Blood stream and its important role in health

Our blood is the transporter of nutrients and the holder of all things health or toxicity. When our bloodstream is full of toxicity the blood gets thick and even sticky. This has a negative impact on our hearts and all of our organs and blood full of toxins weighs the body down and damages cells and organs. The bloodstream can also be full of nutrients that can not be moved to the proper destination, due to missing cofactors. This is why quality food and supplements are important. Synthetic nutrients in the bloodstream that are incomplete can cause a negative impact of thicking the bloodstream because they can not move out of the bloodstream, this is why whole food is important.

How we cook food and the process of creating supplements can strip it down to be synthetic which leaves it to be left in the bloodstream until it has the other cofactors needed to push it into a tissue or use it for rebuilding. Again, the reason you need to eat whole food and prepare foods correctly is so that you can digest properly and nourish organs.

Proteins need to have a whole amino profile to do the job needed, calcium needs fat to be pushed properly, fat needs to be digested with bile to be able to move to do its purpose. The blood is thick and congested is like a tracks line congested with my railroad carts. Leaving people unable to get to their destination. When people are stuck like nutrients are stuck they can not do their jobs. There are many things that travel through the blood oxygen, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and water.

You can take supplements to help push blood and support the heart, but truly you want to make sure you are digesting properly and getting whole foods to make sure this isn't an issue. Once again foundationally you have to have the proper enzymatic activity to digest the minerals, proteins, fats, and vitamins. It isn't just about taking a pill or eating food but making sure all functions are happening properly so we do not overwhelm the system. Lack of digestion plus toxicity leaves a heavy burden on the liver and detoxifying organs to remove things. If quality foods can not be digested and pushed properly we end up deficient and organs overwhelmed.

The overwhelming of the systems lead to malnourishment and organ imbalance. This is where organs begin to break down and struggle to function. We can support blood flow and optimal health with proper digestion, quality B vitamins, and whole food nutrition.

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