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Benefits of NRF2/Autophagy

What is NRF2 and why do I want it? NRF2 is "Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (NRF2) is a transcription factor that regulates the cellular defense against toxic and oxidative insults through the expression of genes involved in oxidative stress response and drug detoxification." NRF2, a Transcription Factor for Stress Response and Beyond - PubMed (

Autophagy is also a way of clearing things from the body. What is autophagy? "Autophagy (pronounced “ah-TAH-fah-gee”) is your body’s process of reusing old and damaged cell parts. Cells are the basic building blocks of every tissue and organ in your body." Autophagy: Definition, Process, Fasting & Signs (

How does one engage both of these clearing processes in the body and riding itself of old damaged cells, and oxidative stress? There are natural ways for you to support this one is exercise, yes not only do we exercise to lose weight, but to clear the body of damaged cells and many more benefits to your health. This is why finding a movement you like and a way of stressing the body with movement is important.

Don't like to exercise? How about fasting? How about the Keto diet or Carnivore? How about Heat or cold therapy? These are all ways to cause stress on the body and get it to support clearing. Even certain herbs/ cruciferous veggies help us to cause stress and activate this action. Cruciferous veggies are high in phytonutrients which help neutralize free radicals. They support cytochrome P450 which metabolizes potential toxic compounds. Greens are part of the NRF2 activation action.

These are all great ways of helping the body detoxify by metabolizing toxic compounds. It is a great support when taking medication that is killing things in the body supporting clearing them out of the body. Greens in a raw state, for those who are ill, you should be cautious. Greens that are raw can cause an issue with releasing their own toxins which for someone with a compromised immune can cause infections. Getting greens fermented, soaked, and steamed and always organic is important.

When supporting the body to clear with these mechanisms you are supporting balanced inflammation, mitochondrial support, and supporting RNA and DNA. This is the body's form of naturally produced antioxidants. There is a balance between stressing appropriately and not over-activating the immune system but supporting the process on a regular basis is helpful for your health.

Needing support to know which cleanse to do and how often feel free to do a survey or set up an appointment.


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