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Weight loss, facts you need to understand

This is a subject that I really feel needs to be driven home. When it comes to weight loss reducing your calories and pushing your body to work harder is NOT the way to do it. Sure you will lose some weight for a little bit but you now have just created metabolic damage and can take years to fix it depended how severe you pushed. It is a quick way of damaging your metabolic system and gain weight easier and easier as you get older. We have this misconception that if you starve yourself that you will be thin and happy, no food no weight right? Wrong! Your body is a machine you have to fuel it properly not rob it of food and nutrients. There are very few out there that actually a need to reduce calories, more then realizing your not actually feeding your body any nutrients. If you are working out and pushing your body the problem isn't food. The problem is what are you fueling yourself with! Starveing creates metabolic damage that can take years to recover from. Learn to fuel and use actual real food!

A lot of foods these days are filled with toxins and damaging chemicals. We have taken real foods and replaced them modified organisims and with addicting synthetic chemicals. Taken real food and made it toxic with GMO seeds and toxic chemicals for it to grow in or spray on it. Caged animals and stabbed them full of chemicals and keep them from moving. This is what you get at your typical markets. There are farmers who care and put in the effort to love the animals and let them live like the would normally, farmers who have taken great care to rotate crops and nourish the soil. We have to focus on eating real foods not synthetic. We have to learn how to prepare and cook these foods so that we can get the nourishment from them learn the benefits of raw natural foods. We also have to realize the toll we pay for toxic foods. Get your digestion working and remove synthetic foods, toxic chemicals, and hydrogenated oils. Focus on eating real foods, food that has been raised properly and grown in healthy soils, feed foods that they are meant to eat. This is how you help your body maintain a healthy weight and able to shape it.

Let's break it down when you eat synthetic foods your body does not have the ability to break down. The foods merely goes in and tastes amazing and leaves you malnourished. It is signaling receptors to fire creating hormones and insulin. Wearing down organs and then feeding it nothing, as you can imagine this with your workouts and stress begin to break down the body. Then we go to our foundational way of dealing with bad health and go to our doctors. Which then give us synthetic chemicals to take away symptoms, these medications have inorganic minerals that block the energy flow in the body. This is a viscious cycle, yes we need medicine some times it is nesscary to help the body live. Yet what could we do if we ended the cycle of toxins and fake foods being eaten. What could the body do then?

Want to lose weight feed the body the amount it needs for the work you are doing and the fuel to build what it is you want to build. If you are weight lifting you need protein and fats to rebuild and balance hormones, along with minerals. If you want to be a distance runner you need to support joints with fat and minerals, you need the right fuel to support endurance. If you want just every day health you need a rounded diet with healthy digestion and good metabolic function. Having soda, protein shakes, GMO food, fast food, deep fried food, and toxic food even in lower amounts of calroies will NOT help you lose weight and be healthy. Am I saying you can't enjoy treats no but you can also make treats out of whole foods. I know it is conveient to go and have someone else make your foods but you will either need to pay higher prices to have quality ingredients or end up with toxic foods.

Love yourself! Feed yourself properly! Feed your soul to be happy! Fueling yourself with good raw foods and energy is how you create a healthy, lean, energized body.


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