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Stress impact on the body

Most of us look at things that impact the body and can logically sense what is good and bad. I constantly see people overdoing things or in high-stress jobs or lifestyles and do not see it as bad nor do they believe it is bad for them. No, I am not saying we should all be lazy and not be go-getters. I am saying however to support your body.

Stress however can manifest in many ways. Some of us don't even realize it is taking a toll until it is pretty bad, we start fatiguing, or the disease manifests itself. These days we are so connected to everything that we have very little downtime which can be a part of stress. We are attached to our phones every buzz or alarm can send us into fight or flight mode. Social media gives us an overdose of Dopamine. Do you ever wonder why you can have an amazing day with everything going right and then the next day or week you are depressed for no reason? This can be part of that high of highs.

Stress impacts the immune ability to rebuild and repair and digestion from working properly. Stress impacts hormones, the gut, the nervous system, and the overall function of the body. When you are stressed really it is very difficult to do your best at most things. This is why we have to assess this aspect and find the best way to address it.

Our foods can do this to us as well. We have sugar in everything which gives us a high giving intense highs and lows. So many damaging foods that our guts are imbalanced and the bacteria impact so many things. So many synthetic chemicals change our gut terrain impacting the gut and brain connection.

All of these stressors physical, mental, and nutritional are constantly pushing us in and out of fight or flight mode. This leads to anxiety and nervousness. All of these things weigh in with an adrenal response, inflammation, insulin imbalance, and so much more. Your adrenals are a part of helping the immune system and are connected to the thyroid. These two glands impact how we respond to everyday stressors and how we rebuild or how we do not rebuild. Not to mention the output of hormones.

Stress is something many of us feel we can avoid but one thing we have to realize is not supporting our bodies to handle stress without it breaking us down is important. This is turning to our food, eating whole foods, protein, and fats. Nourish the body if you are someone who is in constant high stress using adaptogens that is right for you can help the body deal with stress. Minerals are important to help the body relax, as well as proteins and fats. The high amount of carbohydrates and sugars can make us be in a fight or flight too much.

I will be covering the different impacts nutrition has on the nervous system and endocrine/Hormones. We live in a world that pushes us to the max, keeps us in go mode, and does not have an abundance of support for calming us. I will be discussing the areas more specifically and then In-depth nutrition and supplements that can support us. Cause reality is we can't escape stress, but we can care for our bodies and help them to cope.

If you need help creating a protocol please feel free to set up an appointment.

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