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Stress, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Most of us look at stress as a bad thing. It gets our emotions going and hormones raging! We get overwhelmed and it gets hard to function. Having stress for long periods of time can be negative for our nervous system and for our hormones. However, short bouts of stress keep our immune and body on their toes.

Crazy enough stress can be a good thing. Physical stress helps us to work the body in a strengthening way. Like working out, running, heat, cold. These help our body learn to adapt so that we can function when we are being attacked. Applying the right physical stress to your body with proper nutrition is a great way to support health. Making sure not to work out for 2 hours a day with a low-calorie intake. You want to work with an expert to balance these things. Undereating and overworking out just cause metabolic issues.

Foods create stress also which helps our immune system to adapt, greens and herbs can cause stress and irritation to the body to force it into cleaning up things in the bloodstream. These are great stressors for those who have toxicity or need to cleanse.

Breathing even can be stress done properly and can boost energy. Done too long can cause you to panic and pass out. Some will intentionally do quick breaths (Holotropic breathwork) causing stress and forcing the mind into an altered state of consciousness. Doing this as a way to Psychedelic experience. Do not recommend you do it without an expert to guide you through it.

Fasting causes a state of stress and the body again cleans things out of the blood and it can be used as a way to let organs detoxify. Yet if done too long it causes a breakdown of organs. If doing a fast longer than 24 hours, I recommend doing it with bone broth and water.

The point is stress in the right dose can help the body to do positive things, the biggest issue we deal with these days is that we are so connected to everything we con stressed so much and by the wrong things. Social media stresses us, working long hours without proper rest, toxins in our foods, working out for too long with not enough proper nutrition, and an abundance of sugar.

It is time to limit the negative stress, support the body, and apply the right amount of positive stress. We each have to assess where those stressors come from and how to apply for the proper balance and support.

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