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Proper supplement for true health change

Many people come to me and tell me they have tried so many things but they don't work. Natural and otherwise, they have worked with doctors and been put on meds, and still having issues. People have little faith in doing things wholistically often due to the fact that "it is just food" and we are adjusted to instant results, which often come with a price of other issues later on. You listen to the wholistic expert that is speaking about an herb or supplement and what it can do. Go out to Costco and buy it and try it for a week or a month and yet feel no change, why is this?

When you are trying to correct a deficiency. First, the dose has to be a certain amount which is usually a high dose, most doses recommended on the bottle are just enough to get you the daily intake need not correct a deficiency. The second quality of the supplement is important whole food is the best to be driven properly cause it will naturally have all the factors to help drive it into the tissue and body. The cofactors help it be more bioavailable nutrients to support/increase it. Other factors can be robbing you of nutrients. This factor has to be fixed as well or you can't really build it in the body if you are constantly being robbed. Most supplements you are getting are synthetic and often the chemical they are giving you are unstable in the form you are receiving, where vitamins come from the need for fat or fiber are part of what helps the body to uptake the vitamin.

Most feel that they can eat it which you can, but at first, the amount may be larger than you are ready to commit to eating. Often there is a reason you were not getting it into the diet is either you do not prefer it or you are not sure where to even get the nutrient. There can also be an inability to digest the nutrient or drive it into the tissue. Your digestion Stomach, small intestines, large intestines, pancreas, and liver/gallbladder can make or break the ability to absorb nutrients. If any of these are off that is your first priority.

To apply a supplement and have it help your overall health it is important to know how digestion is doing, know all the cofactors needed in the body to absorb it, plus understand what is causing the deficiency in the first place. This is why it is important to have the understanding to apply a supplement protocol or even a food regimen that will help balance health. Can you do this all yourself? Sure, but I highly recommend getting a well-rounded expert on your team to help you put together a protocol.

If you need help I would love to help educate and to help create a protocol for you. I have learning platforms that you can purchase on diets and key health subjects. You can set up an appointment on my website. There are many options for learning, supplement protocols, and diet plans.


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