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Kidneys, What do they do for the body?

The kidneys

  • remove waste products from the body

  • remove drugs from the body

  • balance the body's fluids

  • release hormones that regulate blood pressure

  • produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong, healthy bones

  • control the production of red blood cells

  • control the pH of the blood

  • Make renin which is a protein that impacts blood pressure

Kidneys are impacted by blood and what is in it such as calcium, sugar, and bacteria, organs that impact kidney function are the adrenal function, bladder, and Liver. Many organs that can impact pH will also impact kidneys.

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease. High blood pressure has a great impact on the kidneys as well. Protein can impact kidneys but usually, it is the impact of high protein with high sugar on the meat or in the diet.

Protein- drinking an abundance of protein shakes is one of the quickest ways to impact kidneys. Water can impact kidneys drinking too much or not enough can both carry an impact on kidneys.

Salt- again the quality of salt can make a difference as there are chemicals or ingredients that are added to salt that are impacting them. Realize lack of salt can be impactful as much as to much salt. Anyone wanting to learn more about salt and minerals read Salt Fix, The - Audiobook Download | Listen Now! (

Sugar- sugar impacts water stored in the body and the kidneys help regulate water and sugar. Excess sugar in the bloodstream impacts the kidneys to spill out sugar into the urine.

Medications and pain meds can cause a lot of issues with kidney function.

"Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), long thought to be safe, are associated with a number of non-kidney adverse health outcomes and several untoward kidney outcomes, including hypomagnesemia (magnesium deficient), acute kidney injury, acute interstitial nephritis, incident chronic kidney disease, kidney disease progression, kidney failure, and increased risk for all-cause mortality and mortality due to chronic kidney disease." Proton Pump Inhibitors and the Kidney: Implications of Current Evidence for Clinical Practice and When and How to Deprescribe - PubMed (

The bladder can also impact the kidneys, with bacteria and the hygiene products we use. Too many fragrant toiletries can impact the pH of the exterior and also the interior of the bladder.

High-dose greens can also impact kidneys, with some people creating oxalates in high amounts that can cause joint pain similar to gout. The right prepared greens can help with cleaning blood but an abundance of raw non-organic greens in some can aggravate the body.

Kidneys do a lot to regulate the body and the fluids and proteins in the body if you are needing help in nutritionally supporting your kidneys please do a survey or set up an appointment.

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