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Detoxing and stress

I will start by saying I feel most people do not detox properly. We tend to overfeed and eat junk and then starve the body to detox. We aggravate the body and push it to flush toxins out of organs which can just further break down the body. Then go back to eating crappy food and continue to not actually support nourishing the body. I do not recommend constant cleansing and flushing the body without doing the steps of nourishing and rebuilding I prefer cleanses that are nourishing the organs while also helping to flush the organs.

Most only see negative in stress but, Creating stress in the body is beneficial with the right dosing and with the right support for organs. If you constantly flush and stress the body but are not taking in the proper nutrition such as amino acids and fats to support and nourish the body you can end up causing an excess of breakdown, which can cause issues with autoimmune and weaken the body.

Most reduce the intake of foods and increase water to help flush the body. This can make us feel really good in the beginning when we do a cleanse cause we are removing toxins that can make us sluggish plus hydrating. For those doing fasting it helps kick up ketosis states so mentally we are feeling better also. Yet if done too much or too long we can create damage. This is why working with someone to support you through it or design a cleanse specific for you is a smart idea.

Stress forces the body to look for what is causing the stress and clears things such as mutations. Exposing the body to stress (heat, cold, exercise, fasting) helps the body and us to learn to cope and manage stress better so that it isn't overwhelming the body. Cleansing/detoxing is a form of stress and helps us to push toxicity from the body. Often times people use a large dose of herbs to chelate and force toxins out of organs, and most do not realize that they may be stripping healthy bacteria or minerals from the body.

There are A LOT of different types of cleanses out there, the ones I recommend the most would be the Gut restore/ GAPS or Standard process purification. Both of these cleanses are focused not only on clearing but support the basic needs of nourishment to the body.

Cleansing does help support health as removing toxins supports health. Yet your ultimate goal with cleansing is to help clear and eliminate the toxins in this process to do better with your diet and environment, not just do a cleanse all the time. I do realize some people for their jobs they are just highly exposed to chemicals and toxins.

Many disease issues are due to toxicity and the impact of those toxins on specific organs properly functioning. Fasting for those who have blood sugar issues also can help, yet if diagnosed with Diabetes we need to be cautious of how we go about it. Cancer patients can be supported with cleansing yet eating raw veggies can cause an issue of infection, so we need to be cautious of how we do this process. Detoxing and stressing the body the correct way is just one way to support health.

I will be going into detoxing and disease this month. How it impacts the body and what cleanses are best and why.


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