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Blood diseases and the organs that impact them.

Health issues of the blood are things like Leukemia, Anemia, Bleeding or Clotting disorders, Deep vein thrombosis, and Hemochromatosis to name a few. Blood conditions are usually tied to imbalance in the filtering organs or organs that manage filtering the blood stream. Organs such as your Gut wall, Spleen, Liver, Thymus, and Colon.

Stomach is also a part of this as it is the job of the stomach to kill parasitical and bacteria in our food before the can enter the body and the gut wall (the mucosal lining) keeps things from entering the blood. Then liver, kidneys, spleen, and thymus are those that manage blood and filter things out of the blood.

Anemia can be a bacteria issue where bacteria eat the iron, or a stomach issue where it cannot digest the iron that comes in from the food. Hemochromatosis is about how we are filtering and using iron. Bleed and clotting issues are managed by the liver and also by the gut with vitamin K and fibrin. Deep vein thrombosis is often associated with liver and sugars that damage vessel walls. Leukemia and cancer can be parts of the body filtering things out of the body and managing mutated cells. White cells and red blood cells playing a role in this as well.

The spleen filters the blood and supports red blood cell balance, the liver filter things out of the body that are in excess or just need to be out of the blood. Thymus is what directs your white blood cells on what to attack or not. Gut wall and lining and stomach help to digest nutrients to support organs. While both stomach and gut wall have functions to kill or remove what we do not want to go into the blood. Even your skin and sinuses are a barrier that help filter keeping things out of the body and blood.

The digestion process is what helps to keep all these organs nutritionally supported and functioning properly. This is why a healthy gut and digestion can support all things health. As we keep organs nourished it helps to keep balance in the body and filtering happening properly. We downplay the toxins we love to put in our bodies because it gives us emotional fulfillment. We do it cause others are doing the same thing and are "healthy" or not unhealthy. A great way to support the filtering organs is also doing a GAPS protocol to support detoxing, gut wall nourishment, and filtering out toxins that are overwhelming the detox organs. You can learn how to do the Gut restore/ GAPS through my Facebook page @roxygymratnutritionist.

You can help prevent major disease just by nourishing the body and supporting healthy digestion. This is what I do is help people assess where they are lacking, and the organs needed to be nutritionally supported to get the nourishment and function back. This is the power of proper digest and nourishment.


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