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The benefits of Garlic

Garlic, many of us use it in our cooking for good flavor, but it is much more than just a good flavor. We love the taste but many worry about the bad breath. The smell is part of the benefit of the garlic, yet most don't want to smell of garlic if you are overwhelmingly smelling like garlic you are not properly breaking it down. I will get into that later.

Garlic nutritionally supports blood flow, cardiovascular health, bacteria, it is a natural antibiotic, supports NRF2 detoxification, supports skin, and joints. These are just some of the benefits of garlic.

  • Garlic is also good for heavy metal removal, Garlic polysulfide can protect against arsenic\- induced renal oxidative nephrotoxicity.

  • It supports detoxification from organic pollutants such as Endocrine disruptors chlorine and pesticides

  • Garlic is anti-bacterial.

  • Garlic is, supporting parasites purge.

  • For people who struggle with candida, it can help clear and balance bacteria without having a stripping effect on the gut.

  • Garlic nutritionally supports plasma cholesterol.

  • Garlic is effective against Herpes.

  • Supports Microcirrculation, boosting the flow of blood.

  • Mucous membrane protectant.

  • Blood pressure support 1-2 cloves a day.

Garlic also has sulfur in it which is supportive of hemoglobin and other tissues in the body. The sulfur is partly responsible for protecting the body from antibiotic-resistant strains of staphylococcus, escherichia, and proteus.

Allin is an amino acid derivative in garlic a enzyme Allinase is what converts Allin to Allicin and it becomes released in the body. Allinase is released when you chew, cut, or dice the garlic so having it fresh is the best way to have garlic. Methyl Allytrusuflide is also in the garlic and helps to dilate the blood vessels and thins the blood this supports good blood flow for cardiovascular.

Garlic is best when eaten fresh, whole organic clove, you don't want it pre-minced. I like to use fermented garlic as it is easier for the body to digest. In a whole clove of garlic, you have Allicin, Methyl Allytrusulfide, and sulfur. Garlic has been used by many cultures for health and longevity.

To digest garlic, you need to have an acidic stomach to help digest this herb. Many of us have too much sugar and or non-organic plant-based foods. The non-organic foods containing Glyphosate (round up)in the soil and can create a lot of issues with how we can digest the garlic and get the benefits. If you find you eat garlic and you just smell like one big clove it is coming through your skin and with every pore, you more than likely are not digesting the garlic properly. I would first look to the stomach and make sure the acidity is proper.

So with all the great benefits dice up some fresh garlic and put it in your meals. You can even get yourself some fermented garlic and eat some cloves. Mix it up in a blend of honey and cayenne to coat your throat supporting throat health, tonsils, and adenoids.


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