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Prevention, easier to deal with then disease

We all assume when disease strikes that it isn't our fault. It is in our genes it is just the straw we pulled. To a degree yes our genetic background, our parents, great grandparents' health impacts us. We have mutations and diseases that a parent may have had at our birth that we get to start us off. However, we all have the power to do something about how things turn out. Most of the time it keeps going down the line due to not understanding how to build the body up or balance a mutation.

Understanding your history where your family came from the area, the foods, the toxins they were exposed to can help guide you to understanding the imbalance in the body. This is what I loveeeeee to do! We all are genetic puzzles made from two other genetic puzzles. Sometimes however even that genetic puzzle is not to blame. We go through life feeling safe and not really seeing at times the toxins we may be exposing ourselves to. We have toxins in our foods we have toxins in the air we have toxins we put on our bodies and in our bodies.

I would say the top two common places disease comes from its toxins and deficiencies. Toxins are a matter of time with all that surrounds us and we intentionally put in and on us. With toxins, it is about emptying the trash cans. Dr. Kelly who had studied the body and even his own cancer stated "Scientists have calculated that a person has between 70 and 100 trillion cells in his or her body. This means we have over 70 trillion "garbage cans" needing to be emptied. In our culture we have not made allowances for, nor taught ourselves, the proper techniques of emptying these waste receptacles. It is no wonder that the people of our nation are so sick! Proper and thorough detoxification is just as important as good nutrition for anyone who has lived in the mainstream of modern technological civilization for 10 or more years."

I highly recommend before the disease starts before you are feeling overloaded that you do some simple steps to support your liver and large intestines. The liver is the headquarters of detoxification and helps keep large intestines from building compaction. Milk thistle to increase bile and to induce flush, Liveplex (you can order this through me) has many things to support flushing and rebuilding the liver. MCT oil helps to push the liver to dump and break down fats. Epsom baths 2-3 times a week to pull toxins and get magnesium into the bloodstream for metabolic activities.

If you are needing specific guidance on which one would work best for you. Go back to my main page and click the link for the health survey I can help guide you with the proper nutritional support for your body. The survey is free and comes with a protocol of supplement recommendations.

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