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Do you suffer from allergies year-round or just during the spring and summer? While I'm focusing on seasonal allergies, all types can be influenced by similar factors. Allergies involve the body's response to histamines. However, the better the liver, adrenals, blood pH, and overall mast cell function, the less likely we are to experience severe allergy attacks.

Leaky gut syndrome can contribute to mast cell activation as it allows whole proteins to enter the bloodstream, prompting white blood cells to respond to these foreign substances. The white blood cells then attempt to clear the blood, with the liver and spleen aiding in the removal process. If these organs are overwhelmed, they cannot fully eliminate the histamines. Additionally, with leaky gut, this process is exacerbated with every meal, as whole proteins continue to pass through the gut lining into the bloodstream, perpetuating the cycle of allergies.

One of the initial steps should be gut rebuilding. Over time, our immune system is constantly active, leading to continuous adrenal activity to combat histamines. Properly functioning filtering organs aid in removing histamines from the blood, preventing an excessive immune reaction. Therefore, supporting the liver and spleen in their filtration role is crucial. Given the liver's frequent challenges, it's beneficial for most people to find ways to support it.

Past reactions to certain items often trigger the same histamine response; thus, promoting gut sealing and healing can help mitigate this. Avoiding these foods can also support a reduced histamine response. Sinuses serve as another pathway for histamines, which can affect the pituitary gland that regulates digestion and hormones. Many people struggle to breathe through their noses—a primary defense against such irritants.

To support sinus health, avoid perfumes, air sprays, fumes, gasoline, and exhaust. Opt for essential oils or natural scents instead, as synthetic fragrances can harm the mucosal lining of the sinuses. The gut's condition can influence mucus accumulation in the sinuses, with intestinal bacteria affecting whether we experience constant congestion.

There are straightforward methods to enhance organ and sinus health to manage allergies. Often, people resort to medications that inhibit adrenal and histamine responses, which only suppress symptoms rather than improve them year after year. To enhance this response, I focus on supporting nutrition, working on gut health, and assisting the body in clearing toxins and histamines.

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