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Your body.....Your Universe

I am going to go out here on a limb, just follow me for a moment in this. You have all heard you have a microbiome, you all know you have bacteria in your "gut". You have living organisms throughout your body. This makes you a master of your own universe. I feel describing your body in this way helps people better understand they are the decision-maker of what happens rather than a victim.

What you feed this body determines what bacteria or organisms thrive. When you starve the body it is like a famine, when you feed it you harvest, depending on what you feed it, it will be good or bad. So many people who come to see me do not realize their own role in what grows or dies in their bodies. If you have an abundance of candida you are feeding the body an abundance of carbohydrates and sugars. If you starve the body of proteins you have organs breaking down. If you don't feed your body good fats your brain is struggling to focus and your eyes, joints, and hormones are all struggling.

We often feel we are victims of circumstance when in reality if we stepped up to the bat looked at what our bacteria and body are telling us and start with nourishing it. Yes, you have to do some digging and research, and we live in a time that there is an abundance of information but a lack of wisdom. You are primed and led by people who are lacking wisdom themselves. We watch movies and allow without question what is being said. My best way of knowing how to help people is I have to research what I am looking for find the answer and then look at the opposition. This often leads to common truths.

I have had too many patients who have come to me with all hope lost. Due to being told by a doctor that there is no solution. To this, I look that challenge in the eye and say let us feed the foundational organs that are impacting you, what can it hurt to feed the body specific to an organ.?? Just food and if needed let us look at the perspective that may be impacting you.

YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE... What are you going to do with it? create disease and famine? or nourish and thrive? The choice is yours, master it!


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