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What in life creates our health/disease? Or is it all up to genetics?

So many come into my office with an understanding of why they feel the way they feel. Many believe it is a genetic factor and there is not much they can do. This is what I would like to address today, what factors into health and disease. There are so many things that go into your health it is not just about what you inherited from your parents.

Let us start with that first aspect of genetics often we are told by family or doctors that the diseases in our family are genetic components and there is nothing you can do. Genetics often comes into play due to the fact that you have been taught how to eat, how to think, and raised in a similar environment as your parents. All of these factors shape your toxic loads, the bacteria your body nourishes, and your perceptions which can greatly impact health. When you are born you swallow your mother's bacteria on your way out this starts some of the "genetics" giving you your gut flora and health factors. You are also handed down cells from mother and father, this is how your body is created. Those are the parts we all seem to understand and are a part of our genetics, however, there is more to this.

When your birth parents then go on to teach you to eat, they teach you to eat based on how they believe is right and how they nourish themselves which has a direct impact on your deficiencies. bacteria, and how our body and organs are nourished. They also pass on their mental state, this is a large aspect of changes you will make or not or if you feel you are even in any control of your body. Your brain is a large contributor to your health. This is a contributor to how people deal with the disease, if you feel you are doomed to disease most are hopeless and don't even attempt to change things, and if you have been taught how to work through sickness.

Living situations, if your parents were raised in a home with toxins of any kind and you are raised in that same environment this will play a role in your health. First, if mom and dad have not detoxed and dealt with the issue it will be dumped into you. Then if you are still living in the same environment you are not also being exposed. You have to look at the environment, genetics, diet, mental health, and nutrition for all the aspects that impact health.

When new patients come into my office I get a history of lifestyle, issues, health, and if needed we then discuss issues and the feelings towards these health issues. If someone's mental state about their health state is negative often this is where we have to start. I am passionate about teaching, due to people having the knowledge of the power and control they have on their health/disease is very important to the process. There is not a lot you can do for someone who is determined they are hopeless and not in control of their own bodies' health/disease. In most cases, you can educate someone, and when they understand they are eager to change, however, some need to break down and rebuild the perception they have about what is in their control. Then we teach what feeds organs and systems and the impact their food can make.

All in all, there is a lot that goes into your health. Understanding it properly can make a world of difference as to what you can do. I have a mutated cancer gene in my DNA so I have educated myself on how to support the body in cleaning up cells. I have an enlarged heart and leaky valve I have learned what nourish the heart and the tissue. Take control of your health!


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