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Training your eyes

We sit all day staring at our phones and computers. We need to step away and use our eyes fully to keep them healthy. We need to move our eyes along lines in the distance, looking at things in the distance and close up. Work those eyes!

Waking up we should be going outside or making sure we have 10-30 mins of bright light in our eyes. Supporting the pineal gland in the brain supports our sleeping habits. We need to be focusing our eyes on objects near and far. Running your eyes along long lines following them far distances.

We can use our fingers and follow them moving close and then far. Moving eyes side to side following objects and lines on the ceiling to help focus the eye. Do this at least 5 times with the near far and side to side. When you are spending a lot of time staring at a computer and or TV, you need to take breaks to go out and enjoy views in the distance.

Towards the evening we need to move lights to night mode and reduce blue light. We want dim light and red lights. Adjusting the eyes to the dark and making sure we are removing blue and bright lights.

Remember to protect your eyes with the bright lights if it is painful we do not want pain. Have bright light around you but you do not need to stare straight into the lights

Remember to support eye health with eye exercises, focus on near and far and follow lines and look at the scenery around you.


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