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Immune boosters

Now is a good time to make a plan for immune-boosting and knowing the mechanics of how the different ones work can help you pick the right way for you. There are many ways to boost immune and dependent on your situation of health can depend how you will want to do that.

You can stimulate the immune system with herbs, you can do vitmains and minerals, and you can feed organs to be strong. Lets discuss the fucntions of each. Herbs can boost immune and do this through stress or causing irritation/damage to the tissue triggering the body to respond and clean up. As long as your immune system is not overreating already to other issues this is a great way to support it. People with autoimmune issues that are using herbs to boost the immune should be careful to not overstimulate the white blood cells. Herbs stimulate the immune system and push organs to work similarly to drugs. Pushing organs that are weak or damaged to work harder without having nutrients to support rebuilding can wear out that organ. Use caution if you are stimulating and pushing your immune system often. As we have become more toxic and are eating food that is more synthetic and sterilized, our organs are not as nourished and most are working with a body and system that is weakened and malnourished.

Plant versus Herbs, plants are all things plant kingdom, herbs are plants used for medicinal purposes. Plants can feed the body and support organs nourishing them but they are not pushing like herbs. Herbs are powerful and pushing like medication and can do harm like overuse of medication.

Eating foods with whole foods with vitmains and minerals are a way to feed the body. Vitamin C is used in rebuilding the organs and body. Vitamin D is working to help pull calcium into the blood and tissue, which helps fight infection and support relaxation and sleep for the rest, digest, and rebuild. Zinc is supporting the gut which is a very important part of hormones and the overall immune. We need to be doing things that are feeding the body first, then stimulating the body to help it remove things.

The Standard Process supplements, one of the brands I use, use organs and glandular with plants, which is what people use to eat. The amino acids from organs can help provide nourishment for the organs specifically the immune system. These work well as many do not want to include organ meats in their diet.

There are different situations when you will want to stimulate and when you want to nourish the body to support rebuilding. Understanding the state of your body is key to know when to use what. If you want to learn about you specificially set up a call with me, do a symptom survey, or come into the office and have a Zyto scan that can give us information in how to best support your body.


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