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Eyes and eye health

Our eyes play a key role in how we perceive the world but they do a lot more than make us able to see. Our eyes are connected directly to the brain and even more specifically to the pineal gland. This gland impacts our hormone health, sleep, and nervous system. This also regulates our circadian rhythm, when you go to bed at night and are wide awake, waking up full of energy, or waking up exhausted. This gland impacts the glands that help regulate many functions in the body.

Our eyes are guides through our life helping us to know when to wake up, where to find food, and see the danger. Waking up and getting sunlight in our eyes is important to support not only waking up but hormones, the nervous system, and sleep.

Your eyes are a way that you can impact the pineal gland which most will say you can not do much for this gland.

Eye health is impacted by blood flow to the eyes. The eyes can be a harder part of the body to get blood flow if your adrenals and kidneys are negatively impacted. Blood vessels need to be doing well can impact how we get nutrients to the eyes. The eyes need healthy fats to support them we need Vitamin A specifically to help support the eyes. Calcium can impact the eyes, as well as inflammation in the body, can impact eye health.

We have a lot of technology that can have a negative impact on eyes and eye health. Blue light and looking at things up close without getting distant views daily. In your day of looking at a computer all day, it is important to allow blue light in the morning with added sunlight and then in the evening, we want to do more natural light and block blue light. Getting out and looking at views in the distance. Believe it or not, you can even do exercises for the eyes as well.

When thinking of eyes we want to make sure for them to be healthy we need to support organs like the Liver, Kidneys, Adrenal, and blood vessels. These are the areas we will dive into and how they impact eyes and eye health.

Eyes are one area I feel most don't believe that they have any control over and it is just bad genes so they can not change it or it just comes with old age, and it just goes. There is a lot you can do with nutrition to support good eye health.

This month I will be covering eye health!


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