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Brain Health and Toxins

When it comes to brain health limiting toxins is important. It is important to know what foods or chemicals can impact the brain negatively. Ultimately limiting or removing toxins from our bodies is important, what we apply to the body to what we eat can impact the brain.

Did you know chemicals in your foods can be neurotoxic? Did you know that an imbalance of gut bacteria can also put out neurotoxic factors? The chemicals we put on our bodies can have a direct effect on toxicity to the brain, as our skin is a giant sponge that puts chemicals into the bloodstream. Many things we are told are harmless can have a negative impact such as transfats and sugars as they can create a path into the brain by weakening our barrier.

I am not wanting to give this information to cause fear, but to help you know where to look when removing toxins, limiting the best you can. We have what is called the blood-brain barrier, many of you may know of this. This is one aspect many drug companies and supplement companies fight due to how hard it can be to get, what we consider good things, into the brain through the blood-brain barrier.

The blood-brain barrier is "this is a barrier between the brain’s blood vessels (capillaries) and the cells and other components that make up brain tissue. We now know the key structure of the blood-brain barrier that offers a barrier is the “endothelial tight junction”. Endothelial cells line the interior of all blood vessels. In the capillaries that form the blood-brain barrier, endothelial cells are wedged extremely close to each other, forming so-called tight junctions. The tight gap allows only small molecules, fat-soluble molecules, and some gases to pass freely through the capillary wall and into brain tissue. Some larger molecules, such as glucose, can gain entry through transporter proteins, which act like special doors that open only for particular molecules. The purpose of the blood-brain barrier is to protect against circulating toxins or pathogens that could cause brain infections, while at the same time allowing vital nutrients to reach the brain." What is the blood-brain barrier? - Queensland Brain Institute - University of Queensland (

When we have chemicals or toxins that can weaken the tight junctions. Even common foods that cause Inflammation can weaken the barrier allowing toxins into the brain. Other diseases like MS and even bacteria all weaken the barrier, opening up the barrier and allowing things to get in and get out. The use of psychostimulants and alcohol disrupts blood-brain barrier (BBB) integrity, resulting in alterations to cellular function, and contributing to neurotoxicity. We want to limit things that weaken our blood-brain barrier which could allow toxins into the brain.

Things we want to limit or avoid are highly processed foods, High Fructose Corn Syrup, trans fats, processed Seed oils, sugar, alcohol, and carbohydrates these all can impact inflammation and weaken the barrier, loosen the junctions. Limiting toxins if you are unsure of what toxins you are exposed to there is a great app EWG healthy living. Add more foods of anti-inflammatory, and foods to feed the brain. Proteins, fats, and minerals with some carbohydrates. Based on gut health and bacteria, different foods can cause inflammation, again this is why I always reiterate good gut health. You need to establish a balance of bacteria and the digestion of foods to nourish the whole body and not create inflammation. The proper balance of bacteria converts food and produces nourishment, imbalance can produce toxicity.

Often times you need to look to the liver and gallbladder when there is an issue with fat absorption, which can play a large role in brain health and anti-inflammatory. Digestive health and gut health impacts all disease factors. For those with chronic illnesses often times using a supplement such as Super EFF supports the body in getting fat into the cells, supporting an anti-inflammatory response.

If you need help with a protocol specific to you set up an appointment for a scan, or a health survey.

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