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What does my food do for me?

I want to cover this because I believe this is one of the most fundamental obstacles people face when it comes to health. Many people have no idea what their foods do for them. Knowing this can help you apply this as a tool to improve your health. This is very basic but very important to guide your choices.

Let's start with carbohydrates, we have refined carbohydrates and natural carbohydrates. Refined carbs are ones going through cooking, putting in a box a bag or a can. Natural carbohydrates would be ones you buy fresh/raw. Carbohydrates fundamentally support energy; they can have vitamins and minerals in them. However, to digest them it can take proper digestion and prepping the food correctly. Refined are more than likely to not have high amounts of abundance and will be preserved in a lot of refined oils or sugars. Eating unrefined carbs is the best option for health, they will also have fibers to help slow the digestion of sugars. Carbs can play a role in muscle growth, providing you with energy which is important.

Fats, you have many different types of fats. There are many different categories for fats monounsaturated fats, Polyunsaturated fats, saturated fats, and trans fats. Fats can also be categorized by the length of chains, 3-6-7-9 are the most known. Different lengths do different things for the body which I have covered in another blog. Having balance in your fats is important as it can cause inflammation if you have an abundance of 6-7 & 9's but no 3's. Digestion is key also if you burp a lot after eating fat you are more than likely not digesting it. Fat supports the brain, joints, hormones, absorption of A, D, E,&K they drive minerals into the tissue, they help calcium be converted into melatonin, they protect the body from toxins, they cover every cell, they protect your nerves, feed your eyes, and the list can go on and on.

Fats you need fresh, not mixed with sugar unless it is raw dairy which the sugar is naturally in it not added sugar. You want your fats stored in a sealed container, dark, cold, and not exposed to air. Most fish oil is exposed to air this is why I use Standard Process they have a process that avoids that. Even vegetable oils buy them in small containers as after they open they will begin to oxidize.

Protein again you want protein as fresh as possible. If you are doing a whey protein you want it nondenatured, again this is why I use Standard Process. When why is denatured it is heated to high and 6 of the 8 essential amino acids are destroyed. Plus it can kink the protein which can lead to mutations. When you are cooking meats you can do the same thing so don't char your protein. If you are worried about parasites and bacteria you should put some effort into your stomach acidity.

Protein is how we rebuild the body. You need complete amino acids to be able to rebuild. Yes, your body can create the non-essential but incomplete amino acids that can make for thick blood. Amino acids are also used in calming the mind, Creating calming chemicals, helping to acidify parts of the body.

Herbs/plants do a lot to detoxify the body, fats support helping the minerals from the plants to get into the body, and are very protective and nourishing for the body. Proteins are essential for the repair of the body. With all of these macros, it is important to have quality foods such as organic, grass-fed, processed properly. Not all foods are created equal when it comes to being nutritionally dense. If you get plants but they have been grown in toxic soil you are poisoning yourself. If you have animal products but the animal was caged and fed poorly you are also poisoning yourself. We also support health from the earth when we support farmers with good practices and companies who also support good practices. Organic farming supports the earth, free-range farms also support the earth. Plus they make a massive difference in toxicity of yourself.

I hope this gave you some basics if you are wanting to find what types of foods are best for you. Set up a Food Scan that can provide information for all categories of foods that your body prefers and even give you an understanding of toxic stressors that are in your foods impacting your body. If you would like help making an eating plan or understanding how to support your body nutritionally you can set up a Basic Scan, or even join my membership program of $25 a month for unlimited access/guidance via text plus access to other platforms or $75 for advance support, meal plan, omega 3 blood test, platforms and unlimited access/guidance via text. You can find these under my nutritional packages, the scans can be found under


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