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Skin, how to nourish from the inside out.

Skin, we have all had an issue with it at one time or another. Ranging from acne, sagging skin, to dry skin. So many things can impact the skin. The skin is a very important tool for protecting the body and absorbing things into the body. The skin does 60-70 % of our breathing, it is a sponge, if we want to get something into the body quickly we apply it to the skin. If the body can not remove toxins through the colon it often will make us sweat and push it out through the skin. The chemicals we use or spray into the air get absorbed into our skin. When you sit in a hot tub or a pool the chemicals to keep it clean get sucked in through the skin.

If you have been exposed to mold, fungus, or toxins they can hide in the body and rob us of antioxidants and Idoine trying to ride the body of these toxins. This will leave the skin and body depleted and unable to repair properly. Toxins flowing through the blood, clogging the liver. This impacts fats from being broken down and moisturizing the skin.

We have toxins we eat, toxins we put on our skin, and toxins in our environment these all impact skin and how the body. Having good skin is about limiting toxins, supporting detox of the blood, and breaking down fats and proteins.

Nutrition for good skin is whole proteins (whey pro or Collagen C), vitamins C (Cataplex C), and healthy fats (tuna Omega3, Calamari, Linum B6). If we have circulation issues we need to add in things for good microcirculation such as Gotu Kola, Linum B6 (flaxseed), you can also do dry brushing and movement for supporting circulation. Eating protein and or having collagen every day supports collagen with the amino acids needed to rebuild collagen. Moisture is another key part, drinking mineral water and eating good fats are nutritionally what hydrates the skin. With nutrition, digestion is always a key factor, how your digesting impacts if the nutrients get in and are delivered, just because you eat something does not mean it gets fully into the body.

Topically acidity is a key component of healthy skin using hyaluronic acid serum and apple cider vinegar on it is a great way to support a good pH balance. Use clean products with natural ingredients in the product rather than a bunch of chemicals and toxins. Doing red light helps with collagen, exfoliating is key also helps with circulation/blood flow. Washing with cold water also helps with pores and irritation.

For a personalized skin protocol, you can set up an appointment or do a symptom survey at no cost. You can also buy the Standard process supplements listed above by going to my main page and clicking order standard process here and making an account.


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