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Protein/ Amino Acids 2

Let's discuss types of protein. Not all proteins are created equal and not all of us absorb protein the same.

 "Your protein is only as good as it can be utilized by the body to make body protein" Dr. Minkoff, MD

Sources you can get protein from, plant proteins like Hemp, Buckwheat, Quinoa, and Soy those are the only complete plant proteins, meaning they have all you need to complete the protein. Many will say different foods like broccoli, peas, and rice are great for protein. While they have protein in them they are not a complete source. Why does this matter? If you have an abundance of incomplete proteins in the body you can congest the bloodstream and create thick blood. You have to have all the essential amino acids to rebuild. Incomplete proteins will wait in the bloodstream to get all it needs to be able to be used. With the appropriate amount of essential amino acids, the body can create the non-essential. Realize proteins that have fiber to them (plant protein) will also not absorb as completely as actual meat.

Meat if cooked right and not burned should have all your essential amino acids, now if you burn or overcook the meat you can create it into an incompelte protein. Animal-based protein comes from meat, poultry, and fish (even though fish you will get higher fat/Omega 3). Plus you have eggs which tend to have the highest use for building proteins in the body.

Whey protein is complete and is dairy, but most of them are denatured which can cause issues with mutations. Whey is fast digesting and some people do not do well with the casoproteins. You can do the protein shakes in bars and plant-based but again fiber is a factor. With Plant proteins, you also want to pay attention to sourcing as it can be high in carcinogens and glyphosate. Organic is important and not sourced from China.

Remember that the digestion of protein organs (stomach, pancreas, liver, and in this case even kidney) has to be working properly to absorb and benefit the body. Protein needs an acidic stomach, proper bacteria, digestive enzymes, and kidneys and liver working properly to be assimilated.

If these organs are not doing well the body will struggle to get all you need in. Or you can overwhelm them and cause issues if you don't understand how to apply them.

Keep in mind that protein shakes should not be done more than a couple of times and even a couple times a day is high. Bars are included in shakes (unless it is a meat bar) as most are using a form of whey or the same factors as shakes. Combining a whey or plant shake with meat that is properly cooked and plant-based protein factors is a great way of supporting the body to intake protein without overwhelming systems with quick digesting protein.

The biggest concern for damaging organs is too many shakes (whey and casein) bars, and incomplete plant proteins. These can impact kidney function and impact blood flow. I am sure there are plenty out there that say "Ah it is fine I do them all the time and don't have issues." Believe me, it catches up to you in time be smart!

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