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New twist on holiday treats

This year has been a little different for most of us, especially the holidays. We are all making our gatherings smaller and for some, it is even alone time. It can cause a lot of time to focus on the negative and stress a little. I am challenging you all to take this time to learn about your food and the health of your body.

Everyone wants to enjoy the holiday treats and foods without all of the negative effects it can have on our health. The extra time of being home is a great time to learn to cook from scratch using great ingredients. I know most of you feel there is no way to make a healthy treat like pie and that "bad food" is "bad food". That sugar is sugar, however, there is a difference between sugar your body can use and sugar that will put a bigger burden on your body to try and convert it to something the body may eventually be able to use. Most, I feel, do not understand the importance of why you should use cane sugar versus high fructose corn syrup. Why peel organic apples for the apple pie and make my own crust rather than just go and buy an already made pie from Marie Calendars? Is there a difference? YES, there is a large difference between making our own versus buying premade and packaged food. We usually are so cramped for time and in hurry to do everything that we buy our food already made to make life easier. Now with the forced time to slow down, you can take that time and put it to use for your health.

Pre-made foods have had extra things added to them to preserve them, however, we don't want things to be preserved in our bodies. Not to mention most companies can not be bothered to use quality ingredients, they are trying to make money, so they use cheap additives. Like seed oils that have been processed at high heat. They will use high fructose corn syrup rather than cane sugar. And most of us do not know why those things would be bad or why it even matters. I am here to tell you why it matters.

It matters cause our bodies can't process those foods easily. In a world filled with toxins that we breathe, we put on our body, toxins all around us our body is already overwhelmed and trying to rid itself of these toxins. Cane sugar is natural sugar the body can process, High fructose corn syrup has to be pushed through the liver 4 times before it can be broken down into something the body can use or get rid of it. Seed oils like corn, canola, cottonseed, soy, safflower, and sunflower have been put processed in high heat, making it into a transfat and cannot be processed in the body, so the body stores in your fat cells adding to already toxic system. While I never recommend overdosing on sugar, if you are going to have treats lighten the load and use things the body can process.

When we make our own foods, for one we know what ingredients we are using. We can use raw and organic foods. Next in the process of making the food, like deep frying, we can use fresh oils, and not have oils that have been heated and cooled many times making it into a transfat. We can use healthy fats like lard and grass-fed butter. Making these foods something our body can use and not leaving us full of toxcity. When we leave our cooking up to companies, usually they are not going to care about your health and the quality of foods served. No matter what foods you are making from treats to a 5-course meal if you are making it from scratch the likely hood is that you will save the body from being burdened by preservatives, unhealthy oils, and sugars the body can not break down. I challenge you to take this time to teach yourself, teach your family, your children, your spouse how to cook old family recipes, or find some new fun, from scratch, recipes on Pinterest.

This is something you can treasure and make memories, enjoy the extra time!

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