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Depression, we could all name at least a few people that we either know or maybe even are related to that are struggling with depression. Depression has a large issue, even before the pandemic and now with people being secluded in their homes, it has grown to higher numbers. We have had to face our demons dive deeper and feel so isolated.

This is a subject that hits close to home back in my 20's I had struggled with depression. I had gone to the doctors and been put on medications days into it I knew medications were not for me. I had to take a different route, take mental health into my own hands. For me, I went to the gym, started running, and took control of my life where I could. This was not to say it was an instant cure or that I was all good after I started working out. It did empower me and made a huge impact. This is where my statement of #getupanddo came from. Action can make a large impact on where the state of the mind is. This is harder to do with the pandemic, but there are communities you can be apart of online and activities you can get out and do on your own in nature. I highly encourage you to start by looking here, I also recommend to look at what you are putting into your body and mind.

I downloaded an app for meditation which gave an analogy that I love and share with many. Our thoughts are like traffic going by, we need to sit on the side of the road and look at the thoughts flowing by. Listen to the message we are telling our telling ourselves. This is important to challenge those damaging thoughts. I also encourage you to ask yourself am I putting in toxins in my body that may be overloading me? Do I have a bacteria imbalance in the gut? Do I have an excess of caffeine? Am I eating things that help to nourish my brain and body? such as fats and proteins, organic foods. Am I doing things that negatively impact my hormones or liver?

There are many contributing factors to depression. For some of us, it is a gut imbalance as the gut bacteria speak to our brain. How your body is digesting food and converting it for you is a factor. Depression and other mental health issues can come from bacteria converting gluten and casein into opiates which are carried to the brain. This is one of the many reasons most do better without gluten, plus the toxins often sprayed on the plants can cause issues. Malnourishment is another aspect, lacking B & C vitamins is common in people with mental disorders. US professor Curtis Dohan, MD stated " the primary seat of insanity generally is in the region of the stomach and intestines". Our foods are becoming more sterile and processed negatively impacting our gut and immune system.

Hormones play a large role in mood/mental health. We have diets filled with an abundance of carbohydrates laced with roundup and of seed oils that have been heated to a high temp. These both congest the liver which is a key player in hormone production and flushing toxins. Not to mention the liver releases cholesterol which, cholesterol nourishes your brain, and the liver also produces bile that digests the fats needed to nourish the brain.

We are all trying to do more and more, so we constantly are pushing high amounts of caffeine. Don't get me wrong love caffeine, but too much can create increased blood flow making some anxious. More movement with less nourishment is just asking for a disaster. These factors also play with your adrenals pushing out adrenaline to move, which pushes hormones and creates yet another roller coaster of emotions. The same can be said with calming and slowing the body too much, marijuana and CBD, slow things down doing too much can push you towards depression.

Digestion, Diet, and movement are the foundation of good mental health. It is the last thing someone wants to do, however very supportive and a good start to helping your mind. If you are wanting to help yourself or someone you love, it is a good idea to move towards animal fat, coconut oil, avocados, fish oil, bone, or meat stock. Start with a spoonful if you have to and keep moving towards adding more and more.

Remember, I have a free survey,, which I would love to help assess foundational deficiencies and make nutritional recommendations. If you are local, you can come in or I have a remote scan I can do with a consultation. I can recommend diet, or supplements, small or large protocols. One thing is for sure you will walk away with a good education on how to nutritionally support your body.

Thank you to all my Rock Stars who are taking health into their own hands. Love and appreciate you all!

Carie L Cox BSc.

Nutritionist/Family Herbalist

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