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Colon Health and its impact on arthritis

The colon regulates our absorption of minerals and getting that last bit of water out of our foods. It is impacted by the number of carbs we eat and the amount of magnesium we ingest. The colon is meant to be acidic. We also should be having 2-3 bowel movements a day, if not we are having an issue with the health of the bowel.

Bowels have an impact for a few reasons, One, when we have bowel movements we are helping to detox the body, removing toxins from the body. Supporting the liver and digestion of healthy fats is very important to this. Magnesium and fiber can help acutely but in the long term supporting the liver is the long-term fix. For those without a gallbladder please do yourself a favor and get a Bile salt. Standard processes Bile salt is Cholacol, this will make a large impact on the colon and your overall health.

Two if we are not having bowel movements we are holding on to toxins plus we can be creating toxins impacting pH balance in the colon. Being constipated creates guanidine an alkaline substance that gets congested in the liver and overflows into the bloodstream. This impacts how calcium moves out of the bloodstream, which can form calcifications on the bones. Supporting the balance of the pH in the body is important for all organ functions. The pH imbalance impacts joint function.

Thrid reason comes from inflammation in the bowels. "There is a connection between the gut and joint inflammation. This type of arthritis occurs in approximately 20% of individuals with IBD. Usually, a few, large joints can be involved such as the knee and the low spine, and sacroiliac joints are often affected. Joint pain and swelling in the ankles, wrists, and elbows can also be seen. It is asymmetric, unlike rheumatoid arthritis tends to affect the small joints like the hands and wrists, and will occur on both sides equally. It is important to treat your ulcerative colitis to reduce the chance of joint manifestations. Often the spine involvement may not improve much even with better control of IBD." ARTHRITIS CONNECTION WITH COLON CANCER | Dr. Maggie (

The inflammation that comes from IBD has an impact on the body the best way to support that is to get the colon moving. Clearing the walls in the intestines is important and supporting good gut wall health is important when dealing with IBD (inflammatory Bowels Disease). Chronic inflammation in the body impacts joint inflammation. Damage to the bowels with not enough fats, not a moving liver, too many chemicals, and not enough minerals all of these can impact the health and function of the colon which can lead to forms of arthritis.

Need help with supporting bowels nutritionally. Set up a scan today or do a Survey. You can also join my programs where I can help guide you through how to nutritionally support the body to aid in the healing process.


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