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Chronic disease, toxicity, and bacteria.

Toxicity and imbalance of bacteria are often at the root of most people dealing with chronic diseases. With the current pandemic, there is a commonality of gut bacteria imbalance that people are dealing with after being sick. When people get Mono there is usually an envelope virus often involved that leads to Epstein Barr Virus, With Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, there is toxicity often overwhelming the body. This bacteria and toxicity are often causing pain, gut distress, blood sugar handling issues, and other issues of chronic issues.

Our bodies are designed with systems to keep these bacteria, toxins, and parasites out. Yet part of the problem is most of us on a regular basis shut these systems down with foods and medications. Stomach acidity helps kill pathogens in food from entering the body. Our skin has a barrier that is meant to keep toxins out. Our sinuses have a mucosal barrier to keep toxins out, our mouth has filtering glands and enzymes to support keeping things clear. The problem is many are on antacids (stopping acidity which kills pathogens), many are overwhelming their homes with scents in the air on clothes (overwhelming the mucosal lining and filtering glands), we have diesel fuel that we all inhale, and other chemicals (breaking down the mucosal barrier). We live in a time toxins coated on our foods, we cook in them, we inhale them. Most of us have no idea where they are getting the toxicity and how to bring balance back to the body or how to nutritionally support balance.

It seems more often than not we can go trace the beginning of the disease or breakdown to an event of exposure to a toxin, bacteria, or sickness, that never quite went away or was dealt with fully. Many go to the doctors, they get a round of antibiotics, steroids you name it some kind of medication. They do this and then we assume all is good.... yet later are still plagued with low energy and sickness. After enough rounds of all of this, they get tossed into a category of Lymes disease, Epstein bar, or Fibromyalgia.

Your body is made to thrive, however, when stealth pathogens get into the body and hide in cells constantly pushing out toxicity. The body cannot find them without aid, often people can get stirred up into a cytokine storm because we spend all the time stripping things away and weakening the body. Not to mention that the bacteria or parasites are pushing toxins into the bloodstream overwhelming the bloodstream wearing the body down. Antibiotics can strip cell walls and help the body to find some aspects but there are parasites and stealth pathogens that can hide in a cell even without a cell wall.

In these situations, we need to nourish the body for optimal organ function and then do a weed and feed with herbs to help aid the body in finding these pathogens. This can look different for every person I recommend working with someone like me to set it up to reach the goals you are seeking. If you want to learn more about what issue you may have set up an appointment.


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