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Body pH Balancing

Many supplements and foods have been sold based off this subject. We have been pushed to do Alkaline, Alkaline, Alkaline! Water ... Greens, all due to "WE HAVE TO BE ALKALINE". The truth is that your body goes to great lengths to keep the blood pH from being impacted.

Most of the things we do to alkalize just end up alkalizing our stomachs. This has caused an abundance of heartburn and indigestion. Not to mention the foods we are eating are abundant in sugar and processed oils that negatively impact the body. YOUR digestion is the FOUNDTAION of LIFE! So if in the name of health we are alkalizing our stomachs so we can be alkaline and that halts digestion WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM.

Each part of your body is alkaline or acidic for a purpose. We are a combination of all of these varying pH's. The pH of all our digestive organs are specific pH's to a certain job. Like killing bacteria, killing parasites, opening up proteins and minerals, digesting fats, and so much more. Out mouth is more alkaline. The stomach is the first digestive organ to be hit with foods and alkaline substances, it needs to drop to an extreme acidic environment to unravel protein, open minerals, and predigest. It is protecting you from anything trying to enter through digestion. The digestive tract pushes our food and substance through an acid/alkaline bath. Alkaline mouth, acidic stomach, alkaline small intestine, acidic Large intestine. Each system triggers certain things to happen such as triggering enzymes, bile, and opening up food so that it can be fully digested.

I am just going to say this statement of eating alkaline food to support an alkaline body is mostly a gimmick. We hear about cancer being that your too acidic yet my mother was told they knew to hear cancer was back due to being too alkaline, alkaline is were most bacteria thrive. Your body will rob calcium from your bones to pull it into the bloodstream to acidify the blood. Your body uses that calcium to fight bacteria in the bloodstream.

When bowels are compacted Guanidine is loaded into the liver and push it out into your blood creating alkalinity, which then can cause joint stiffness. This impacts calcium in the bloodstream, causing alkalosis. The nervous system plays a role in the pH also— acidosis is an overactivity of the sympathetic, and alkalosis is an overactivity of the parasympathetic nervous system. This can be directly related to calcium in the blood stream, and calcium plays a role in blood ph.

Dr Goodheart says "Diet alone is seldom sufficient to alter a person’s pH, which is far more dependent on the functioning of the endocrine system and the ability of the body to digest fats than it is on the foods the individual is eating. Dr. Goodheart discusses both chiropractic and nutritional means of addressing these issues while presenting some of the classic symptoms of hyper alkalinity—such as allergies, insomnia, and arthritic pain—as well as those of hyperacidity, including breathlessness, dry skin, and hard stool."

The goal really should be to restore digestive system of the body using whole food to nourish it. Assisting to restore balance! Support each area to do its job, more so through out digestion supporting the pH to be proper through out that digestive process. Using Zypan to boost acidity in the stomach, fermented foods for the small and large intestines. Depending on what you are suffering from can depend on what you need to increase.

We need to remember blood is one of those things the body is trying to avoid you from being able to change. Otherwise many of us would be dead! If you can balance digestion keep the correct pH's through out these organs you can help keep the proper balance in blood delivering the proper foods to nourish into the blood stream that need to be there. Here are some signs of acidity or alkalinity.

Overly Acidic

Overly acidic symptoms include:

  • Nervous irritability

  • Dehydration

  • Dry mouth

  • Irritation to loud noises

  • Irritation to bright lights and sunlight

  • Discomfort in high altitudes or closed off rooms

  • Breathlessness and sighing frequently

  • Abnormal sensitivity to pain

Overly Alkaline

Overly alkaline symptoms include:

  • Stiffness of the muscles and joints, particularly in the morning

  • Physical sensitivity to cold weather

  • Cramping muscles

  • Heartburn

  • Cold hands and feet due to poor circulation

  • Watery eyes and nose

  • Drooling while sleeping

  • Loss of taste and smell

  • Allergies

  • Asthma


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