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B Vitamins

B vitamins are crucial for gut health, heart health, nerve health just to name a few. We can get our B vitamins from our diet and we do to a degree. The bigger issue we seem to face is the foods in our diets that create a lack of B Vitamins. Eating a diet full of seed oils, sugar, and processed foods is a strain on the body and the heart. Diets with quality meats, fats, and organic plants are the way to support good function for heart health.

Issues we tend to have if our B vitamins are deficient, anemia, constipation, nerve issues, irregular heartbeats, poor muscle tone, depression, and anxiety to name a few. B vitamins are needed to support the gut wall and convert our glucose into electricity for the heart. We also need the B vitamins to support muscle tone specific to heart muscle tone even lack of appetite can be due to a lack of B vitamins.

Many will take a B vitamin such as B12, Methlyfolate, and B6. B vitamins can be imbalanced and deficiencies are created if you are taking a high dose of a specific B such as b 12 and not taking a complex. We also have high sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and flour that will rob us of B vitamins.

Plant-based foods don't have all of the B vitamins, sourcing your B vitamins with liver in them can be one of the best ways to get good quality whole B complex vitamins. Doing fermented foods can also help to boost B vitamins and availability. Taking a B vitamin that has a Fluvic mineral in it can also help the cells to absorb the B vitamins.

I have spoken many times about my heart condition to which I tried plenty of B vitamins and never felt an impact on my heart. Until the day I took the standard process Cataplex B this supplement's first ingredient is Liver, there is also yeast, and beets in it. Overall I found I was peeing out the other supplements and not really feeling the impact on my heart.

I have done many heart sound recordings and given patients Cataplex B and Cataplex F and watched it going from irregular beats to beating consistently. Where the B vitamin is sourced and the quality of precessing is going to be either a benefit or burden on your heart.

B vitamins are very important for the heart it is also important that we look at how we can be robbing our body of the B vitamins. This I would say would be the first two things to look at and correct. If you need help looking at what is impacting your B vitamins schedule an appointment.


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