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Why are men and women so different in weight loss?

We all can see the difference between men and women physically. Let's right down to it we both create the same hormones, however, the amount of testosterone and estrogen we create is very different. This goes back to our foundational functions, or the foundational purpose of our bodies. Men's body function is all designed around protecting, fighting, and hard labor. They are more our hunter, not to say women can't but men's bodies are producing an environment for muscle and movement. Women's bodies are more about the fat base, hormones, we are the emotional support, we are set up to create, create life, create energy. Men help create life, but women are the home for that life as it grows which means she has a bigger demand to increase blood, hormones, and all needed to create another person, this process can create an imbalance of hormones as well and deficiencies.

Men produce both estrogen and testosterone, but they produce more testosterone. Testosterone (androgens) helps to build lean muscle mass which in itself burns more calories, it is a natural steroid-based hormone. Women are also a mix of testosterone and estrogen (estradiol) women, however, produce less testosterone which means they have more estrogen. Estrogen is a fatty-based hormone.

These hormones help us to take on certain features. Estrogen gives features softer and curvier, fat is part of what allows women to have children, we need to have a certain amount of fat to be able to conceive. When a woman has a baby her body has to increase hormones and blood, this can put a great deal of stress on her endocrine/hormones, which can weigh on the glands. The fact that we lack good nutrients like glandular and minerals to nutritionally support the hormone system allowing the body to rebuild the endocrine system balancing the hormone production, not overproducing, and then not producing.

Women's and Men's endocrine systems are often being pushed, which for women we are getting a higher dose of estrogen. There are also other factors that impact how we can balance the body. The organs that create the hormones based on if they are nourished, or chemicals, and toxins can block nourishment and create an imbalance of hormone production. Iodine helps support the body from overproducing estrogen. Fitness also impacts hormone production, pushing the body to make more. If we are working out and not recovering properly it has a negative impact on the body and hormones.

We have also been taught fat is bad and it will make us fat, but for women, it is key to keep hormones functioning properly. So as women we have to take into consideration the hormones often more than men. This is why a man can drop weight and women struggle and get frustrated. There is hope you just have to realize as a woman there is more to consider. If you need help with this take a symptom survey. You can also watch my YouTubes on hormones and weight @ Utah foundational Nutrition Carie L Cox BSc. - YouTube I am happy to help!


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