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Pancreas' role in blood sugar and diabetes

The pancreas is the organ that regulates blood sugar through Insulin and Glucagon production and digestive enzymes. Enzymes play a role due to breaking down protein, fat, and carbs properly feeding the body, and depending on the food it helps to regulate blood sugar. The pancreas works hand in hand with the liver to control blood sugar and regulate what organs receive the glucose from digestion.

Insulin is a hormone, and where it goes it is stimulating organs to take up glucose. Glucose is important for energy, but when it begins to be in abundance and lacks to be used for energy it can overwhelm the body, nerves, and cell function. Pancreas also regulates glucagon which helps those with low blood sugar to get it into the body.

Sugar/ Glucose isn't bad! It is about getting the right amount and getting it with nourishment (vitamins and minerals) to nourish the organs. Glucose is a part of the anabolic (muscle-building) phase it helps us to grow muscle mass.

When the pancreas is overwhelmed and overworked (eating from sun up to sun down) it impacts not only sugar regulation but digestion due to a lack of enzymes and the ability to have the right amounts of insulin. After the age of 25, the number of enzymes and stomach acidity we have can reduce. Impacting the uptake of proteins and fats, which are necessary as we are made of proteins.

Kidneys, the immune alliance, nerves, and the defense against cancer all get impacted by an overworked pancreas that isn't producing enzymes or insulin properly. In all aspects of health, there is a domino effect when an organ malfunctions, this can be a big game trying to find where the first domino fell and threw the whole game on its head. Taking care of what is causing the organ to have pain or overwork or underwork is going to the foundation. Normal medications are just shutting down the pain or irritation getting rid of a symptom. This is why I explain the impact each can have.

Digestion is the support of life and nourishment. The pancreas plays a key role in aiding the liver, which plays a huge role in the digestion of fats. The stomach plays a role in predigesting your foods and triggering the rest of digestion to begin. So prior organs can impact if the pancreas is triggered to do its job.

Having healthy eating habits of proteins, fat, and fibers/fermented foods help to support the pancreas. A healthy liver can help support the pancreas also. The liver is supported by fermented greens, bitters, and beet greens to name a few. Having a healthy eating window rather than eating from the time you wake up till you go to sleep supports enzyme availability. Not overeating an abundance of simple sugars (refined heavily processed sugars). These are all eating habits to support. There are liver supplements such as Livaplex, digestive enzymes like Diaplex, and stomach support like Zypan that all can support the burden on the pancreas. If you need support in how to support blood sugar handling please feel free to set up an appointment or fill out a health survey.


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