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Hormones, fertility to menopause and andropause

Our hormones are constantly shifting to support us when we have stress when we are going through puberty, conception, boosting to attract someone so we can create life, and support shifts later in life. Every shift we have in hormones impacts our mood impacts our body temperature, our physical being such as muscle and bones.

It makes like much easier if we are able to flow from one stage to another with the least amount of stress on the body possible. However, this can be difficult in these toxic and nutrient deficient times to transition smoothly. I am going to discuss key factors in each stage that we can nutritionally support and the organs connected with each phase.

When we are about to hit puberty our gut health, toxicity levels, and fats have a lot to do with supporting good hormones balance. If we are toxic that impacts the availability of iodine we need for our thyroid, the body will use the iodine to help cleanse the body this can impact the thyroid which impacts the balancing of estrogen. If our gut is bad it can be adding to our toxin load, bad bacteria that are in abundance create toxins of our own that impact the body, not to mention damage to the gut wall which impacts our Zinc and Copper levels in the gut, that have a direct impact on our production of Estrogen and Progesterone. Plus as most younger kids do, being constantly on the go can push our adrenals which impacts our production of testosterone.

We need good gut health to break down the foods to get nutrients to support all these organs, plus healthy functioning detox organs. Gut health is ALWAYS key to supporting a healthy body! Lessening heavily processed foods helps to limit toxins and also limiting toxins in the everyday products we use. Using the EWG healthy living app helps you to see what toxins you may be having in cleaners and products you use on your body, even in the foods you eat. Depending on what is lacking can you can increase your food intake. Adding glandular is also helpful as they give the amino acids needed for the organ. This is why I use the Standard process they have a combination of both plant and animal.

Next to conception, women have to have enough fat on the body and not be toxic to support a healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy, you will be giving a lot of your biome to the baby so you don't want to pass on toxicity. It is important to take the time to detox and feed before getting pregnant. You will need healthy endocrine to support the hormone supply needed for you and your baby. Men, you also do not want to be toxic as you are putting your cells into the baby and your toxins into the baby as well. Men need a healthy reproductive system to supply healthy sperm, this has a lot to do with calcium, fats, and zinc. Recovery from pregnancy can be hard on a woman as she has given a lot to the baby. It is important to nutritionally support her endocrine glands to balance hormones. To support these glands you need fats, Iodine, and amino acids.

How you support your endocrine glands through life and up till you are done with having kids will impact how we transition through the later in life transitions, Andropause and Menopause. When we are younger not only does your endocrine glands impact hormones, but tother organs are supporting hormone production like the gut and all our sex organs. Later in life this shifts and our sex organs quit producing these hormones and the main glands that support us are our adrenals and our thyroid control the majority of hormone production. So we need these glands and the master glands working well.

Heavy toxins impact the master glands and the receptors for the thyroid. This can impact production of estrogen having to much or not enough. Adrenals depending on stress of a life and how we have supported them or handeled the stress, will impact how fatigued the adrenals are. Most adults I see are fatigued and drained from everyday life. This has a major impact on out health as we age how we can hold on to muscle mass and bone health.

If you are wanting more specific hormone help specific to how to nutritionally support these glands set up a time to come in and do a zyto scan or do a symptom survey.

Here are some ways to include food to feed the Endocrine glands. Iodine is dense in Kelp/seaweed, liver, COD, greek yogurt, eggs,Oysters to name a few. Realize Iodine can have clearing effects but in food it should not be high dose. Zinc is in your Liver, Pumpkin seeds, Hemp seeds, Meats, Oysters, Organic whole grains. Fats I recommend you add both plant fat which most of us get and animal fat, meats, fish, and nuts. I use Standard Process supplements as a way to get glandular in the diet, ones for the endocrine glands would be Thytrophin, Symplex F (for women), Symplex M (for men). Which may be right for you would be a good idea to do a symptom survey or come in and do a scan.

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