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They say 80% of women suffer from hormone issues. Hormonal issues have been something I have dealt with, with my patients since I began working in nutrition. I have seen a range from young children to older adults suffering from hormone imbalance. The symptoms range from those who are constantly in a panic state or depressed all the way to those who suffer from weight issues to sexual dysfunction.

We often believe these things just happen to us and there is nothing we can do to help avoid dealing with them. Many also believe it is an inherited issue, their parents dealt with it and there is just no hope so they just jump onto hormones. The biggest factor of genes is a lifestyle and that they usually are passing down the way of living to the next generation. However, most doctors will tell you this is not a factor and what you eat isn't the problem. I am here to tell you it is a factor, and the life you lead is very much impacting your health. After realizing this you have to have knowledge of what impacts the organs not functioning properly or how to nourish them.

I would say the food we eat and the toxins we encounter daily are one of the biggest factors. These things are considered endocrine disruptors, which means they are disturbing the glands that make your hormones. We encounter endocrine disruptors and they have a large impact on why so many have hormone problems. Things like bromine, chlorine, fluoride are just a few you may encounter every day.

Your liver is a large factor in converting hormones and breaking down fat, which you use to produce your hormones. This is where everyone tells me "my liver is great the doctor checked it and it was fine". Well sorry to say but when they are checking your liver they are not going to tell you it is bad until you hit a level of needing medication, usually. Your liver does a lot for you be kind and support it! Lay off the deep-fried foods, transfats from packaged food, eating out, and last the abundance of sugar in EVERYTHING!

Next, our guts impact our endocrine glands. With all the processed food and chemicals, plus the drugs so many are on. They destroy the gut wall and then "bad bacteria" overpopulate and produce toxins that clog your Iodine receptors. Meanwhile, the thyroid is starving and you more than likely are not getting enough iodine to feed it. We need to clean our gut, drink some bone broth, have some fermented foods, drink Kombucha or eat garlic. Support a good gut! Eat some kelp, eggs, or get good chelated iodine support (be careful it will detox you start slow and low).

Then there is the constant stress! You have to nourish the body and balance your stress, every time you stress you're engaging your hormone glands. Learn how to breathe, ways to calm the body. The energy drinks and go-go juice people take to get moving can overwork your adrenals. Nourish with good quality Himalayan salt and whole-food Vitamin C (no not ascorbic acid) and do this daily if you are an adrenalin junkie.

Even if you are not at a point of needing hormone replacement work on preventative aspects. Men when your older and want things to work properly you will thank me. Women when you get to menopause you will also thank me. How well these glands are nourished will help you ease through menopause. Nourishing and feeding your glands help you to mentally function better, to get pregnant easier, and live life to its fullest no matter what your age is.

These are just a few of the things we need to look at to nourish the body when it comes to hormones. If you are wanting more understanding of what you need to nourish your hormone health. Set up an in-office scan or a survey with a consult. Realize once hormones get off track and you will need extreme measures to bring balance back and it can take 6 months to 2 years to get you nourished and balanced. even with the use of medication. Medication doesn't fix it, it just takes place of your body doing it. With medication, it can take a while to find the right dose. Meaning you will more than likely be stuck on medication for a while. LEARN TO NOURISH THESE GLANDS!

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