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Emotions! Blah there no fun to deal with.

I love this photo as it portrays so many emotions. We all in our everyday life move through all sorts of emotions. Some of us know what we need to deal with them and some ignore any kind of emotion. When we don't deal with emotions they can control our every move WAY MORE THEN YOU ALL REALIZE. It is just like focusing on a goal when we apply that to our thoughts we find ourselves flowing to the places and things that help us accomplish the goal. When you commit to not dealing with something subconsciously you are focused on that even if you don't realize it. People are drawn into us to test us, we have situations we can't see anything but that emotion coming at us. This is all a part of life so just like having a diet we need a healthy way to deal with emotions.

Many of you may not know this but I have spent my life trying to force things and do things my way. About 5-6 years ago I realized I was living life doing all the things I swore I would not do or let control me, becoming who I never wanted to be. About 3 years ago, right before getting remarried, I told myself life had to change my mental state. I did not want to relive the same mistakes and have the same emotions controlling me. I had competed in body-building feeling like that would help my confidence and I changed my diet yet the emotions, or lack of some positive emotions, kept me stuck reacting to the same things. I decided to reach out to a friend and do some Hypno-heart therapy, which I recommend to anyone! I was able to deep dive into emotions (traumas) that kept me reacting and it helped me understand why it was impacting me.

It was scary it was a lot of emotion but was worth it, it gave me tools to work through. I have since then done a lot of motivational classes helping me to change my state. Helping me to find ways to redirect myself when I was headed down a rabbit hole. Tony Robbins helped me relearn a lot of habits, while I started off not able to stand him I highly recommend videos to my patients all the time! "Where focus goes energy flows" He helped me know I was in control that everyone struggles with something like this I was not alone. I have also gone on to doing energy work with a dear friend. If any of you are local and open to energy work lookup Draper Spinal Care with Jenn Stockwell, she is a natural! We all know ways to detox the body or nourish it, we all however don't understand or know where to turn when working through our negative thoughts and traumas.

Find a way to be open, look openly at how you feel things, and start taking baby steps to support yourself. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! We all have thoughts or traumas that hold us back. DEAL WITH THE EMOTIONS AND START LIVING! Nourish and Support your body with proteins, fats, and minerals these things do impact how we cope as well. Then put in work!

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