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Emotions attached to fitness-health-wellness

Often times when it comes to our nutritional health, we have emotional ties that create obstacles. We have food traumas from our childhood, trauma of abuse that we use foods to avoid emotions, or even memories attached to having foods attached to good memories that we want to relive our childhood or other times in life. The first step often to healthy weight or healthy habits is to change the emotions/perceptions tied to our habits.

We have to be able to take an honest look at our emotions tied to food, health, fitness and overall wellness. Often times this is what keep us stuck and repeating disease or health conditions in our families, or they keep us yo-yo of dieting.

In this time between Christmas and New year's many of us have time to reflect before making goals. I urge you to look at your main habits that impact your food choices and your health. I want you to write them down and throughout the week reflect what is driving emotion pushing you to make choices that negatively impact you from getting to your goals. After getting to the why of what you do, I want to you to truly assess if this perception is accurate or not. Then assess what can you do to set yourself up for a positive change.

Emotions attached to lifestyle and food are hard I am not going to say it is easy. Your brain is always pushing you back to habits from the past cause it is our norm, it is what feels right. Even if that habit is bad. Realize, not all change is just going to happen overnight and be easy. You may have to find a few ways to fix the emotional change before landing on sticks and works for you.

Lastly our perception of what healthy eating and healthy habits can be things someone has taught us was "right" and can sometimes get us stuck. Realize health is very unique to each person. Healthy habits and eating are varied by each person. We often listen to generic health information; we are all unique in what we need and what is healthy for us. This is why it is helpful to have and expert to support us in what path is best for us. Also know that what is healthy is also an ebb and flow we have to shift with life changes. If you need guidance do a health survey on my web page or set and appointment. You can also join my membership programs to have continuous support from me.

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