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Allergies/Histamine reactions

Allergy season always impacts so many and everyone is looking for relief. Most turn to antihistamines which can impact our sleep and make us feel tired all day long. They can make us feel like we are living in a haze unable to function.

Why do we have allergies? When to seasons change and pollens shift the body has to adjust to them. Sometimes it is a shift in our environments such as animals, or new things in a home, or moving into a home with other things harboring in walls or dark places. These pollens, molds, or dander are foreign substances entering the body, this causes a reaction the body is trying to alert many of our systems to get rid of this substance. This triggers a histamine reaction, this reaction is to help remove the foreign substance. Your histamines are a part of your immune system and inflammation systems. Many organs and systems in the body joining together in trying to rid you of the foreign substances that have entered. These being the adrenals and blood vessels are all pushing blood through the body trying to clear what has gone into the body. The liver is the filter that catches the histamines and cleans the blood and dumps them into the gallbladder and out to the intestines to be pushed out of the colon. The coughing, sneezing, and runny nose are all trying to push the foreign object out of the body through your mucosal barrier. Now that we understand what is causing the problems, let's talk about what we normally do and why we want to do things more naturally.

Most will turn to allergy medications, these have several ways of working. One can impact how you are able to sleep and the energy you have in the day and the other can impact your liver negatively. We don't want to add to our toxic load or harm the liver as it is key in helping us through this.

Supporting our body, lowering our histamines, supporting our detoxifying organs is beneficial to dealing with allergy season. The body going into high alert is part of the adrenals so we need to nourish and calm them. We also need to help the liver open up to remove histamines.

Doing small doses of seasonal pollens can also help the body from overreacting. Doing a Tsp. of local honey from your location and this season can help give you those pollens at a low dose, keeping us from overreacting to the local pollens. Taking Allerplex helps to support the adrenals and liver. If you want natural histamine you can use Antronex. It is called Yakraton, beef liver fat, this fat helps open the pores of the liver to filter out things in the bloodstream.

Foods that help calm the body are proteins, fats, salt, and Wholefood Vitamin C such as buckwheat, Rosehips, and dark berries. Lowering sugar and carbohydrate can help with taking the burden off the liver. I personally always keep some Antornex in my medicine cabinet.

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