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The power of Light Therapy

As many of you know I have added a new Light therapy unit to my office. I wanted to share what it does and how it works as I get these questions often. The Unit I have is a Celluma Pro Laser it has three different light modes it does.

Blue-Red and near Infrared the different lights go to different depths and have different functions. The light source is emitting photons, these photons are absorbed by your cell membranes and mitochondria. It is basically charging the cells and this helps them do different biochemical changes and cellular changes. Each light hits a different depth impacting what it is stimulating.

With the blue light, we are impacting P.acne bacteria the blue light is causing the bacteria to self-destruct. With the red light and near-infrared, we are impacting Fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin fibers, Keratinocytes to provide the structural strength which is the tone and texture, for hair skin, and nails. Mast cells. to support inflammatory response. Neutrophil cells, slightly in red more so with near Infrared, these cells help protect from infection. Lastly, macrophages cells stimulating the immune response. Near-infrared is more about the keratinocytes, neutrophil cells, and macrophages.

In simple terms blue is killing bacteria and supporting the reduction of acne, Red is helping promote collagen and healthy skin, Near Infrared is supporting inflammation, pain, and immune cells.

In my use of the Celluma, I have helped patients with foot neuropathy, pain, acne, wound healing, and wrinkles. It is amazing to have in my office and helps with my own family. I have had intense scaring which I have been trying to rid myself of I have seen great improvement in my skin on my face since using it. I have been able to also use it for injury pain on my shoulder and since using it I am not longer having pain in my back shoulder blade.

This is a laser that is used in spas after micro-needling speeds up recovery, and for wrinkle reduction, acne treatments. This is something that helps support skin rather than putting a toxin in the body to get rid of a line. I love this as it is working in the way I run my business, I am applying foundational support to get to the root of the issue rather than temporarily relieving a symptom. It is a great alternative tool for skin, acne, and wrinkles all the way to Pain management and sports injury recovery.

Set up a light session today they are 30 mins per light/session and $35 per session. You can also buy an 8 session package of light therapy.


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