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Liver, can it have an impact on arthritis?

Often times when we have a condition we only look at the organs that are screaming at us. In this case, we are talking about the joints and arthritis. Yet as I have seen over and over is that just because an organ is screaming in pain does not always mean that is the source of the issue. It is merely alerting you to issues within the body. This is what starts us chasing symptoms rather than looking for what could all be involved.

How does the liver impact arthritis you may ask? The liver does many functions one being bile helping us to digest and absorb fat. Which, fat also works as lubrication for our joints, fat pushes calcium to where it should be rather than hanging out in joints as bone spurs. The liver can have a great impact on how well the bowels are moving and how well we filter out things congesting the bloodstream. One is filtering out toxins, which if left in the body can impact joints, as toxins tend to house themselves in our joints causing irritation.

Bowels/Colon/Large intestines, that is constipated create a toxin called Guanidine, which is a very alkaline substance. Can be caused by constipation, which can then load the liver with guanidine which then can spill into the bloodstream which pushes the calcium out of the blood and possibly creates arthritic calcifications.

The liver through the breakdown of fats helps to regulate inflammation. People with inflammatory arthritis can have issues with Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. “About one-third of U.S. adults have NAFLD, so a minimum of one-third of patients with inflammatory arthritis should also be having NAFLD,” says gastroenterologist Rohit Loomba, MD, director of clinical research at the University of California, San Diego, and co-chair of the National Research Committee for the American Liver Foundation.

“There’s a new concept emerging in medicine called meta-inflammation,” explains Dr. Loomba. “If you have an inflammatory condition in one part of the body, you may have similar inflammation in multiple domains.” The liver being inflamed and trying to clear itself can impact other organs such as joints. Not to mention any impact on how we are moving calcium or lack thereof will greatly impact bones and joints.

Supporting the liver and getting it flowing can have a great impact on toxins, bowels, and inflammation. All three can impact arthritis in different forms, so a great way to support arthritic pain would be to look at your liver function.

Supplements that can support these things are Betacol, Cataplex F, Betafood, and Livaplex. If you want help with understanding how to apply these supplements or nutrition to your specific situation, you can set up to do a survey and phone call, or you can set up a time for Zyto Scan in the office. You can also join my membership which gives you one-on-one guidance. Please feel free to leave comments and ask any questions you may have.


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