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Collagen, Collagen Collagen

Who does not want healthy vibrant skin? This is one of the top conversations I have with patients. Of course, we all want beautiful skin and to age gracefully. What collagen is best? How do I get rid of wrinkles? How do I get my skin to pull back?

Yes, we need good quality proteins, fats, and microcirculation to have good skin. However, most struggle with skin health due to that lack of good digestion, which can depend on each individual person.

So before we can get amazing skin we have to discuss the gut! I know I know you all are ready to have me stop preaching this. This is something I will never quit saying as this is the most important aspect. DIGESTION IS A MUST to have working properly. You can not get amazing skin or health if you are not be digesting!!!!

You need stomach acidity to unravel your protein, and trigger digestive enzymes for your small intestine. You also want proper digestion in the small intestines without a leaky wall or you can trigger autoimmune issues. If you are having heartburn, burping, smelly gas YOU ARE NOT DIGESTING PROPERLY!! If you want to learn how to solve this go set up a scan or do the symptom survey. After digestion hydration and even toxins will impact the skin and health of the skin. The survey or a scan will help me to help you know the best option for you.

Okay so let us discuss the quality of collagen and other things needed to help support the skin. We are supposed to have .80-1 gram of protein to body pound. You want non-denatured protein, which means no cooked or processed in high heat. When protein/collagen hits high heat it denatures it which means it kinks the protein. This is not good for your body if you are trying to rebuild anything in the body. So you want low heat processed collagen or protein if you choose to just eat meats to get the protein you don't want it overcooked or chared.

Collagen/Protein also is not the only thing needed to give you healthy elastic skin, you need to have whole food vitamin C, which is a support for collagen to form. NOT ASCORBIC ACID! You also need moisture which your body gets with water and fats. Fat is helping to keep the skin stay moist which helps to keep it elastic. Circulation is important also dry brushing, herbs that improve microcirculation is important also.

Toxins can overload the skin as a way of removing it. The liver and colon can impact how we remove these toxins. So as you can see just adding collagen to your diet is not always going to solve skin issues. We have to assess digestion, detoxification, and feeding the body properly.

These are all basic/generic recommendations you can add to support skin, but what each person needs and why their skin or collagen isn't glowing can be a variety of things. We all have specifics that impact why the body is struggling the best way to guide you is by doing a survey or coming in for an appointment where we do a scan.


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