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Weight loss

If weight loss was just about not eating we should not have anyone struggling with weight, you would just simply quit eating. However, there are many factors that play into weight.

Did you know that when you do an extreme diet (cutting calories drastically) that most gain 2 times back in fat? Why does that happen if not eating is the answer?

Did you know that yet we diet down to help the body shed, yet we are not meant to stay on low calories? Did you know that by staying low-calorie constantly you keep slowing your metabolism? The first step to losing weight or changing your body composition is to decide what is the end goal we want to see. Next, we should plan to commit and change our habits so we can keep these goals. Yo-Yo dieting is not smart can you commit to lowering them for a time? Yes, but the goal should be to get to your desired weight and then plan a reverse diet to help you hold weight but get to a calorie amount that you can live with. Yes, you can eat higher calories and remain at your desired weight it is just a matter of making a plan. We all know someone who is stick thin yet eats a large amount of food all the time. This is called a healthy metabolic system.

Let's just be real losing weight isn't as straightforward as we would all like to think it is, or like the young male trainer at the gym says all you have to do is as he reduces your calories to 1000 calories and workout 2 hours a day. That is feasible for most working adults, right? Not to mention it leaves you with metabolic damage and no energy.

Weight loss, healthy bodies, and fit bodies are all very different ways of eating. I see many who want "weight loss" but in all actually want a "toned" aka muscle-built body, but not too much muscle, which is not a thing. For all you ladies who want to grow old and not be feeble and fragile, YOU NEED muscle to hold you upright and protect those bones. Like to eat? Gaining muscle is a great way to get rid of body fat and look good. To gain muscle mass and lose fat you have to eat!

There is a definite ebb and flow to how to build the body you want, depending on what that is will depend on how your diet looks. They all take commitment and a look at your perceptions of yourself and food, and do something different than you are or have done. You should be open to change and willing to work through hard things. Decide the goal (lose 50lbs, build a curvy strong body, be able to run and have energy, be healthy, and age well) and work with a coach who understands what it takes and how you can maintain it. If you get someone who knows enough they help you diet down to lose weight and then build your metabolism back up to maintain.

I would say most women I work with have been living on a diet that is too low to even maintain health. And panic, when asked to increase my calories to support the body for fear if I ate so much less and put on weight adding more, will just make me gain more. Make sense unless you understand the body.

You have a basal metabolic rate this is the basics of what you need to

keep the body running while just laying in bed. When you do not meet those basic needs the body goes into starvation and survival mode. The nervous system and hormone function go into overdrive and work to keep you alive. Your body wants to survive so it responds to fewer calories in the manner shown in the picture.

These are other factors we have to take into consideration when we are working on weight loss. Plus looking at sleep, hormones, toxicity, and digestion you can't just reduce food unless that is the only issue is that your need 1800 calories and instead are ingesting 2200 a day. A great way to decide if the food amount is your only issue is to take a week and track, don't change a thing just track.

Diet safe, pick the goal you want first, then track to see what it is your getting in food a day. Then work with someone who is fully educated. Plan to commit to a lifestyle change. Find someone who can help you to your goal and then get your metabolism to where you can maintain a life you enjoy not functioning with low calories, or working out all the time which you do not enjoy. IT IS POSSIBLE!

If you need help you can set up an appointment or join a membership program for me to help you.

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