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Tired? Frustrated with weight? Mentally fatigued?

The point of these blogs is to guide each of my patients, and followers. I am showing you how you can age with a life of health and happiness and boundless energy. You do not need to be just broken and tired cause you are getting older. I want to educate and guide you these blogs are more general, however, I can do a specific guide just for you. You all can live an energized, happy life!

As we age if we are not feeding our organs properly they can not function properly. The lacking of energy and balance is due to a starving and the breaking down of key organs. Aging is like autoimmune disease organs begin to break down and flood the body with sluff off that organ, each organ to the next begins to break down due to not being fed properly. We have to learn how to feed the body properly! We expect our adrenal to give us energy and help us to flee danger, we expect our thyroid to provide us with balanced hormones to be happy and not have an excess of fat/estrogen. We expect our parathyroid to put calcium in our muscles for contraction and to kill bad bacteria in tissue. Yet do we feed and care for those organs? Or do we put synthetic junk that makes the organ work overtime? What are you doing to make sure these organs are taken care of and fed? How do we rebuild? Amino Acids, we can get them from plants and animals. The plant you need to know how to combine to make a full amino acid profile. If not it clogs the bloodstream waiting for the rest of the amino acids needed to rebuild. Meat and organ have complete amino acid profiles but we need to make sure we do not over char the meats. This binds them to sugar and is indigestible. You also have to have good acidity in the stomach! Sugar and alkaline foods alkalize your STOMACH, not your blood. You need it to be acidic to break down minerals and unravel proteins. Minerals calm the body and support your metabolism, proteins help to rebuild. FATS are needed for hormones, brain, nerves, bowels, and many more things. Your fats and proteins we do not want to combine with sugar. This system (endocrine system) has a great impact on our weight and our mood. It needs the proteins, minerals, and fats! FAT HELPS LOSE FAT!! and no I am not referring to eating a bunch of plant fat, you need a balance of Omega 3's from animals (plant omega 3's are another load is on your liver to convert it) Omega 6, and Omega 9's. Most focus on Omega 3's due to most do not get enough. The imbalance of these causes inflammation!

When we are young nutrients are readily available, but as we age if we are not feeding the body what these organs need our body can start to rob nutrients from other organs. Modern-day diets do not support us with these nutrients, most of us are not even eating foods that have any nutrients to offer the body. There is also the problem of too many chemicals and sugar that can destroy the body from digesting things properly. Plus a large misunderstanding of what foods do for us. Many believe we need to eat an abundance of kale and greens, but few know the negative impact that they can have on our endocrine (hormone) system causing things to not function properly.

I know, I know this can overwhelm someone easily! This is where I come in! I am here to help you with information and education. I have you do a survey and let me analyze it, this helps me to see where those imbalances are. I want to avoid supplements you do not need and this helps give me that knowledge to do that. Each of you and your needs is individual and needs to be looked at that way.

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