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The power of plants and herbs

When we think about disease and even health the first response for most is to do a cleanse. Then we cleanse and go right back to doing the habits that made us toxic in the first place. Today I would like to make some recommendations of things you can do every day to support activating cleansing. We need habits to keep the body cleansed and nourished. Let me also say if you are dealing with an autoimmune disease you need to first get digestion properly going and nourish your detox organs.

The body has powerful mechanisms to clear toxins and damaged cells. They just need to be activated. Most of us however do not prefer to do these things that activate the clean-up. Things you can do physically are exercise, cold showers or ice baths, hot sauna time, things that create stress activate the body's clean-up mechanism. Herbs and plants can also do this, certain foods create or trigger stress getting the body to clean up. Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts, curcumin in turmeric, the sulfur compound in garlic all prime the NrF2 pathways.

NrF2 regulates up to 500 genes. NrF2 is essentially activating antioxidant protectors within each cell. This pathway is one we can switch on and off with the use of plant chemicals. I have become strongly interested in this mechanism specifically with Broccoli Sprouts. As I carry the mutated BRCA1 gene, I have researched this as a way to keep my body from reproducing this gene. NrF2/ Keap1/ARE work together to help induce the synthesis of different antioxidant, detoxifying, protective, and autoinflammatory enzymes. NrF2 also is a key for the support and maintenance of your mitochondria.

Activating NrF2 function you are supporting the synthesis of enzymatic antioxidants, activating glutathione (our bodies natural antioxidant), enhancing phase 2 detoxification, activation of cytoprotective activity, removing toxins and damaged cellular components, while supporting mitochondrial function. In simple terms, you are supporting your own biological antioxidants to protect cells and clean up DNA.

Garlic supports both NrF2/ARE pathways, garlic is very key for toxicity factors. Protecting the body from heavy metals and toxins like arsenic. It uses garlic polysulfide to protect the body against toxins. However, most of you are buying garlic in capsules and getting the non-smelling garlic. You are losing parts that are needed in the garlic when you take it that way. The allicin in the garlic is key and the smell/sulfur is part of the protection. People who reek of garlic tend to not have good stomach acidity this is again a need to focus on digestion.

When patients come to see me I am first helping them to have the proper digestion for the body to be able to get the nutrition needed actually in the body, so that the body can repair and support organs. After this is accomplished we would look at supporting the clearing. It is very important to nutritionally support the body, so it can support health and clear toxic factors. If you can not digest you can not maintain good health.

The diseases that are a sign of NrF2 dysregulation are neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes, digestive issues like fatty liver, and gastrointestinal disease. Again I HIGHLY recommend before activation of the NrF2 with plants you first make sure your digestive system and organs are nutritionally supported. Then you can start adding supplements or foods to support this activation.

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