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The impact of the liver and gallbladder on blood sugar

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The liver and gallbladder are a part of the digestion of fats. Fats play a key role in slowing down the absorption of glucose, plus fat slowly digests and moves into the system keeping you fuller longer sustaining you and the abundance of glucose coming into the body.

The liver also plays a key role in how glucose and insulin are pushed out into the body. The liver is converting vitamins and flushes excess out of the bloodstream. The biggest thing, however, in my opinion, is the breakdown of fats and the abundance of nutrients that need fat to absorb.

The liver can get overwhelmed with excess glucose so much that it can become Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. NAFLD inhibits the liver, due to being clogged, keeps it from filters, breaking down fat, and converting hormones and vitamins.

Fat does wonders to support the brain, hormones, and nerves plus Omega 2's are an anti-inflammatory. These factors all can support the body in the ways it needs most during times of trying to restore balance in a time of abundance of glucose that is negatively impacting the body. We don't want to combine both sugar and fat except when it is done naturally in nature like raw dairy. Sugar is inflammatory where Omega 3's anti-inflammatory.

So the liver/Gallbladder is supporting health and filtering is important to the body ad supports healthy blood sugar. Supplements that can help the liver and gallbladder Betafood, Choline, Diaplex support the flow of bile and digestion.

Need help supporting your body with blood sugar and understanding what best applies to you fill out a survey or set up an appointment.

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